Huzzah 2023: My Games

If the dice of life don't fail me, I'll finally be heading back south to Maine and Huzzah! in May, my first time since Covid closed the border. 

My plan is to run 2 games, both 40mm 1790's games (Wars of the French Revolution Era). The rules, A Whiff of Dice  are  homegrown rules with a nod to inspiration by Joe Morschauser's 1962 book "War games in miniature" which I was introduced to in 2002, and backed by over 50 years of wargaming.

Frogs and Lobsters and....Owls??   This game, inspired very loosely by the Quiberon expedition and a chapter in Midshipman Hornblower,  is about a fictional attempt to land a contingent of French Royalist soldiers and supplies to aid the Royalist Breton 'Chouans'.  The figures are 40mm, mostly homecast, some original, others largely conversion. 

The game is designed for an optimum of 6 players but can handle fewer, and can handle a few more if some of the players are friendly and accommodating.

A photo from one of the playtest games.

Meet Me At the Oasis. Is a very fictional scenario set in Syria in 1799 while Bonaparte is besieging Acre. A detachment of British marines and sailors have been sent by Sir Sydney Smith to help the Turks turn back a French  column which scouring the Syrian countryside.

40mm Mamlukes, homecast then converted.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Both of them look good. I will definitely sign on when it opens up! Hopefully it won't clash with my Viva Iberia game!