Saturday, February 24, 2024

The Battle of Little Blue River Bridge

Three months had passed since General Ross's attempt to seize the bridge at Tea Room Junction (See report here) and both Faraway and Origawn had made use of the time to get their armies into shape while patrols watched the borderline.  At last the word came: "The Blues are on the march, looks like they're heading towards the stone bridge over the Little Bluetaip River."  General Turner ordered all units within a day's march to rendezvous there and then led the Brooklyn Regiment  forward himself.

As they came in view of the bridge, they could see the dust columns across the river. It was going to be a close thing. 

A small wood near the bridge became the centre of fighting. The Brooklyn Regiment waited until news arrived that the two other columns were at hand, then they fixed bayonets and proceeded to drive back the enemy riflemen bur not without heavy losses.

By noon, both armies were on the field and air was filled with the "crack crack" of the riflemen, the roar of cannon and the blaring trumpets as the opposing dragoons charged and countercharged, each seeking to dominate the field while the infantry deployed.

By midday, the armies were all on the field and the fighting began in earnest.

On the Northern flank, the Origawn dragoons had finally been forced back over the river and with no room to manoeuvre in the bridgehead, were essentially out of the battle. The Brooklyn Fusiliers took heavy casualties but with both bullet and steel being used, they drove the enemy riflemen from the small wood by the bridge. It was beginning to look like the opposing infantry would have to settle the thing. 

An attempt by the Grey's to retake the central wood was repulsed with heavy losses, but if they could just hang on to the bridge till dusk, reinforcements should be at hand.

The duel between the opposing dragoons suddenly grabbed everyone's attention. After charge and countercharge, the Red Dragoons suddenly broke, the survivors pouring back over the bridge left a gap and the Queen's Dragoons poured into the gap and hit the Blues in the flank and they crumbled.
Howdya like that roll? 5x 5/6 on 6 dice!)

The artillery soon forced the Dragoons back, but the sun was sinking rapidly. There was nothing for Gen. Wavely to do but place himself at the head of the remaining Grey's, order "BAYONETS!!" and then lead the remaining companies of the greys to secure the north side of the bridge. 

But, it was a forlorn hope after all. The Fusiliers unleashed a heavy volley and the battalion broke and ran.

Balloon's eye view of the field as the battle ended.

The figures are mostly 40mm homecasts, some from commercial moulds, others from moulds of my original sculpts, backed by some conversions of Historifigs figures.  The rules are another tweak of  "A Whiff of Dice".

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Back at the Front

 "Drummer! Sound assembly!  Men, the enemy is on his way, we must block him!"

Look sir! We have arrived before the enemy.

"Alright boys, the enemy is upon us. Find a good spot and check your priming.
 We need to hold this bridge until the rest of the column gets here.

To be continued....

Sunday, February 18, 2024

Ready For Inspection

After 15 years in coatees and Havelocks, the Belmont Fusiliers are ready to take the field again in shell jackets and 'Porkpie' forage caps. 

"Well men, a good turn out. War looms and you'll be needed some but today I'm ordering an extra ration of rum to celebrate your arrival."

A few more units to touch up and rebase and I should be able to put a small game on the table before the weekend. 

Ps: This regiment and the General can be seen as they were in 2008/9 on the near left side of the header picture at the top of the blog homepage. The rabj and file started life as Historifigs Scruby 40mm ACW figures. The officers were original sculpts.