Friday, August 12, 2022

Time To Reset

Well, this test game is never going to be played through, but I've gotten a lot of yardwork done, the rules have been rolled back to the regiment as unit but stand removal has been abolished to simplify play and speed the game, and enough turns played to convince me that it'll work. That is, it'll work if I end up running two games

As the sun began to go down, orders came to pullback for the night.

Now I need to start preparing for the French Revolution game that will be my main effort. 

Thursday, August 11, 2022

A Battle In Slow Motion

 Yep, one of those summer weeks, too many tasks, errands, duties, naps, books etc.....

Several days and two turns later....

I still have a week to get ready. If I don't manage to finish a succesful play test of scenario and rules, I'll just throw a bunch of figures and terrain in the car and haul out an old reliable scenario on the day.

Saturday, August 6, 2022

Back To Twenty Twenty Two

In 2 weeks time, a group of old friends and maybe a newer friend or two  as well, are going to be playing a couple of games over three days. I'm planned to run at least one game but will pack an extra, just in case. 

Working out a simple meeting engagement with the latest tweak. 

My first choice for a game to run is 1/72nd ACW. The figures are light and easy to transport, I have enough for several gamers aside and the rules are of the simple sort and easy to pick up. I'll also bring along the 1790's troops though. I have time for two or my friends would prefer it.

The weather is supposed to go back to normal soon so a report on a playtest will follow soon.