Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Waiting for their ship of the desert to come in.

When I started on these, I was picturing this snazzy unit in  embroidered sleeveless vests and so on. Then it occurred to me that an almost never mentioned camel gun unit, which may have only appeared at one battle, might not have been an elite unit. Revisiting what few sources I have, it seemed like the regular infantry and artillery of the New Army all seemed to have worn very plain uniforms with sleeved jackets, no lace etc. Sighhhh .....  I mean I could have done them like some Emir's personal guard camel battery, but........

Anyway, here they are drilling with a very placid mountain gun while they wait for their camels.

I hope for their sake that the camels will be as placid as this carriage.

The crew were  converted from Schildkrot 1900 Prussian artillery crew, pretty much every one of my 40mm armies from 1799 to 1918 contains some of these gunners with new uniforms. 

Here is this lot in their underwear.

Up next, more infantry, maybe Turks, maybe French but I think I need to roll some dice.

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Council of War

One more quick and easy figure ticked as done:

Rossi Pasha meets the commander of his Central European infantry.

Next up......... more infantry I think, but French or Turkish? or gunners either Turkish camel gunners or French Horse Artillery or......

Friday, March 24, 2023

For My Next Act

 This guy has nothing up his sleeve!

PA, new SYW general waving hat with sword arm replacing the hat arm, and a head from one of the Austrian light infantry moulds. The story of how an Austrian general came to command Mamlukes and camel guns might have been an interesting tale.