Friday, October 22, 2021

Baptism of Fire

The 42nd Foot was taking their turn at providing an escort for the Royal Artillery battery posted on a small but steep hillock overlooking the main road. As the morning mist began to clear,  the beat of drums heralded the approach of a French attack. A courier was quickly sent back to call forward the main body while the advance guard braced themselves knowing that the French would be there long before the supports could come up.

The first assault was slowed by heavy and accurate fire while a rash charge up the steep slopes by the Black Hussars was easily thrown back by the Highlanders.

The French artillery was also slow and they barely got off one road before The York Hussars, eager to  show their metal in this, their first fight, rode them down,  

Undeterred by their heavy losses, the French infantry pressed forward overrunning the British guns and forcing the Black Watch back. They had taken too long though and the allied reinforcements were on hand before the French could consolidate their hold on the hill.

In minutes it was all over. 

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Meanwhile, Back In Flanders

 A British outpost is under attack:

Bur help is on its way!

To be continued.......

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Ready For Action?

 Yes Sir!

The York Hussars meet Les Hussards de la Mort!
Twin spirits, cast in the same mould you might say.

Right, well done lads, now Major, take your boys off and go play a game!

Now to choose or design a scenario and set the table for tomorrow.......hmmm

Thursday, October 14, 2021

After The Sergeant-Major Was Through With Him

When you are only doing a few small units, there's no point in stopping till you are OK with what you've done.

So I went back and did a very little bit of shading, redid the sheepskins, and  checked for missing details like the white bands on the waist sash. NOW I'm happy with how they are coming. Not "model" or modern "wargame standard" nor "toy soldier",  maybe "enhanced toy soldier" or maybe even "early 70's Old School Wargaming", or just "Ross' style".  

The unit should be table ready by Sunday, hope the table is too!

I do miss the days when I could see the figure and the paintbrush tip and the painting desk at the same time, didn't have to watch my hand wobble as it approached a fiddly bit, and didn't have to rest my back every 1/2 hour, but I am extremely happy that there is every likelihood that I will be able to enjoy my hobby for years to come. 

In other news it looks like the US will be letting the Northern Barbarians cross the wall again before the year is out so planning for a 40mm French Rev game at Huzzah in Portland, Maine in May has resumed.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Advanced Guard

Sometimes, especially when beginning a relatively complicated uniform, I find it best to paint one all the way through to get a feel for it.

Advance one and be recognized!

Its easier in execution when its a toy style figure but its tricky sometimes deciding what to leave out and how to fool the eye into seeing what should be rather than what was sculpted. There is also a lingering subconscious urge to shade and highlight the figure.

This Hussar seems simple enough now that I've done one though I see that I need to add some vertical stripes on the girdle and the sheep skin shabraque could use a slightly creamier white I think. Anyway, shouldn't take long to finish them.

The red/green combination reminds me of Christmas but also of something else. Today I realized what: in the the early 80’s I  painted up 15mm First Coalition and Republican French forces as well as Vendeans, Turks and Haitians. One of the British units was of course, the York Hussars.

So what was, will be again.