Saturday, September 19, 2020

Ready for Duty

 and they're done, glossy toy soldier style.

Hesse Darmstadt Jaegers, 1793

This brings my First Coalition force up to 5 units vs 6 Republican units so the next unit will also be Coalition. I'm tempted to replace the small tricorne heads on my SYW Brunswickers  by Bicornes but might leave that for later and go for a newly cast unit of British line infantry. 

Eventually, my goal is to have a choice of 12 "A Gentleman's War" units per side: 2 cavalry, 2 skirmisher/light infantry, 2 guns and 6 infantry. Then I can branch out to Turks vs French, or go for some amphibious action involving Vendeans or Irish Rebels or the West Indies.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Counter Revolutionary Propaganda

 The next unit for my 'A Gentleman's War'  French Revolution 'armies' is underway.

Test fitting of heads to bodies.

I was going to do an emigre/foreign rifle unit in British pay but they all had weird hats of one sort or another that would be difficult conversions that I would have to do one at a time. I was also going to use Prince August cowboys as a start since they have brimmed hats and there is one actually aiming his rifle but it was going to be a lot of work and I'm lazy. So, when I found out that some Hessian Jaegers were still wearing bicornes and long tailed  coats ..... out came the Prince August SYW Prussian moulds and my own French Rev heads mould.

Conversions now done and primed. Painting begins in the morning.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

The Battle of Little Bluephoam River.

Since this was essentially a  test  of the revised board and the revived rules, I decided to just go with a straight encounter battle. Two forces vying  for control of a bridge seemed as good a scenario as any, classic really.

The Rebel cavalry got to the bridge first and dismounted to hold it rather than rushing across in hope of winning a piecemeal battle with the Dominion cavalry.  An indecisive firefight between the opposing cavalry lasted until the infantry on both sides took their place.

As the infantry came up, Gen Douglas sent the Dominion cavalry to the right to cross the river. Gen Lannigan reacted quickly to send his cavalry to block them and ordered two "brigades" of infantry to cross over on his right.

It took a while for the armies to march on and deploy, (about 1/2 the game) but once they did, things quickly heated up.

A charge by the Gentlemen Pensioners in their shiny breastplates broke two squadrons of Rebel cavalry but not without losses and the Reb battery soon scattered the remnants of them. The Rebel infantry assault was broken up by terrain and ended  up going in piecemeal.

Each side rushed reinforcements into action and the fighting became heavy across the board.

Encouraged by the appearance of their Spirit Cat, the Rebel infantry poured across the river and closed with the enemy.

An attack by the Grenadiers on the farm was easily repulsed and things were looking dark for the Dominion forces.

The battle was not yet lost or won though and the Hochelaga Fusiliers renewed the assault.

The Dominion right flank had taken horrendous casualties but the men rallied and held their ground.  Finally the Blue wave halted and one flank began to give way.

As the sun sank towards the horizon, the Fusiliers drove their enemy from the farm and repulsed all counter attacks while the Grenadiers poured back over the river to reinforce the bridgehead. On the far flank, Rebel losses mounted and soon the whole army was on the edge of giving way. General Lannigan signalled a retreat. Best to save the army to fight again. The Dominion  forces had a crossing but they were not going to get far tonight.

(In other words, at the end of 15 turns, Red had a secure foot hold on the other side of the river while Blue had a very insecure one and had also suffered more units lost and most of his units were only 1 hit away from breaking. The GM declared it a marginal win for Red.)


Monday, September 14, 2020

When the Hurley Burley's Done

 But the battle report isn't more interim pic will have to do.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Oh for some Stormy Weather!

 Quite apart from our well's needs, a nice rainy day for guilt free gaming would be nice. 

The advancing armies clashed at the bridge over the Little Bluephoam River. The rebel cavalry rapidly seized the bridge and dismounted but were forced back by heavy Dominion fire. They held long enough for their infantry to come up though.

However, things are what they are. The rules have been rolled back to simpler, happier times (games wise)  and a couple of turns played. 

As the cavalry redeploys to the open ground on the Eastern flank, the infantry and guns take up the fight.

The updated rules can be viewed here: The Square Brigadier


Right, now, where's my whipper snipper, clippers and chain saw.....