Saturday, April 10, 2021

This and That

As predicted, there wasn't much hobby time last week but I  did get 2 games in: the Prince Valiant solo game and a remote 1914 'A Gentleman's Wargame'. 

A cellphone snap of my view. Couldn't  figure out how to do a screen capture

It was good fun and a great chance to chat with and get to know long time internet friend Nick Stern better.

The Prince Valiant inspired game was based on the CS Grant Wagontrain scenario from Scenarios for Wargames which I believe is now back in print. It was also a test run of my latest attempt to adapt my Fall of Rome games onto my hex grid. 

I have made several attempts over the years to learn to enjoy single figure, semi role-playing,  'skirmish'  games but my heart and mind just don't seem to run that way. This time, I  decided to focus on a "board game" approach with fixed units on hexes but with simple rules that might be accessible to non-wargamers but still appeal to me. (You know, the sort of thing one.  could perhaps take to a seniors care home a few decades from now.)

Early days yet, and they aren't properly written up, but the feel of the game was good and I enjoyed it. 

I have already started re-sorting the Elastolin figures that I have painted back into fixed units but now of 6 infantry, 4 light infantry or 3 cavalry,  and planning a fixed maximum OB for each faction. 

I expect to see them appear on the blog more frequently this year but there are still those new ACW lads who have yet to see the elephant.

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

The Adventures of Prince Micheal: Episode 22: Wagon Train


Duke Stephen welcomed his nephew home and praised him for his successes against the Huns. Then he asked if Micheal was ready for more adventure. In the morning he was leading a convoy south to the wall and could use a commander for the rearguard.

The convoy was in sight of the wall when the Picts and their Saxon allies struck from all sides. The Duke was in the thick of the fight and his men responded and fought stubbornly.

The fighting was fierce and bloody and the enemy managed to snatch some of the supplies. Micheal and his companions had to dash left and right in turn to hold off the Pictish cavalry which was attacking from the rear.

For a few minutes disaster loomed over the column but the soldiers fought fiercely and a rescue force of cavalry was beginning to make its presence known. Behind the column though, the rear guard had held off three times their numbers of enemy cavalry and given the convoy time to cross the hill, in the end they paid dearly for their exploit.

The Saxons also paid dearly as they strove to reach the wagons. When the bolts and arrows from the garrison began to rain down on them, they reluctantly gave up the chase.

Dearg Mohr drove his men forward until the wagons disappeared through the gates. Only then did he turn and retreat with the few spoils they had managed to grab.

It was only when the gates closed that Duke Stephen had time to look  for Prince Micheal. At last a soldier was found who had seen the last stand of the Prince and his companions. Reinforced by the garrison, a party went out to retrieve the dead and wounded. There at the scene of his desperate fight they found the wounded Prince pinned beneath his horse and playing dead until the Pictish cavalry had left. In short order he was rescued and assisted back to the great hall where a feast was being prepared.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Almost There

After a grueling trip, the convoy scouts could see the castle.

There was no sign of the enemy and the men were beginning to relax and think about cool beer and hot stew. 

Suddenly, a trumpet in the castle sounded the alarm!!


To be continued....

Monday, April 5, 2021

The Stage is Set

 The actors have taken their places.

When the sun rises, let the play begin!

Oh good, no Picts or Saxons in view, should be a clean run to the castle...........

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Suddenly a dense mist engulfed the battlefield

 The sounds of battle faded to an eerie quiet, then came the sound of a trumpet followed by the growing thunder of hooves on dry ground. 

The mist began to lift as a rider burst into the open....

It was like the viewer had been magically transported to a different time and place............