Old Scruby 40s in Action.

Over view of the battlefield.


Here are some shots of a game staged by Dick Larsen at Enfilade 2006 in Olympia Wa, USA.  The figures are 40mm glossy toy soldiers. Some are homecast including figures based on Britain's W Range (and some original Baluchs by me) but also original Scrubies. The game was set up as per Shambattle, the rules were a very simple set inspired by Morschauser's How to play Wargames.  The game was fast and furious (roughly 10 minute turns). Oddly enough, with the rules being so simple there was no where for the players to hide and they had to rely on tactics and a sound battle plan to win the day.

 Richard's 40mm Scruby "Arab" cavalry
 Richard Larsen's 40mm Egyptians, Scruby & Britains W Range figures
 40mm Scruby British Lancers from Richard's collection 
  40mm Scruby Egyptian Cavalry from Richard's collection 
Ty5he British fort garrisoned by 40mm Scruby British
 with my Bengal Lancers converted from Zinnbrigade figures, just visible in the foreground

In the centre, the British cavalry which has seized the Bridge, is being swamped by Tom Nolan's Egyptian infantry under Richard's watchful eye. The British cavalry was driven off but a prolonged firefight resulted in the destruction of the Egyptian centre. 
On the right, the Baluchs are storming over the bridge to seize the left hand Egyptian town.eral attempts to capture the bridge (ultimately successful, but not yet). 
On the left the Egyptian cavalry is starting the 1st of several attempts to capture the bridge (ultimately successful, but not yet)

 End of day: the Baluchs capture the enemy Citadel. (OK this was a staged shot but the lads did capture it.) The Baluch's are my original figures (sculpted and homecast)