Sunday, February 1, 2015

One last word on 1812 (for now)

I usually start by looking at scales but since the authors are dismissive of a too rigid adherence to them I didn't bother this time around, until today.  I'll spare you most of the calculations but assuming around 25 men per figure giving a fairly reasonable average of 400 men per battalion and near 1" per figure, I get a scale of around 15 yds per inch (16.6something) which gives me a rather reasonable 200 yard long range for musket fire using Charge! and fits Crysler's Farm nicely onto my table, in fact it was the scale I had been using for MacDuff in my efforts to write a set to use instead of the classic Charge!.

Hunh! How about that?

From the archives, the 40mm lads fighting Crysler's Farm c 2011.


  1. Time was I swallowed all the scale arguments without question - in my old age I'm more of the opinion 'It's a game,does it really matter.' This has made me a much happier person.

    1. I blame Charles Grant for corrupting me when I was young.