Sunday, July 3, 2016

40 years ago today

Happy Independence Day  
to my American readers.

Forty years ago today was the Bicentennial and there was a large international Naval Review in New York. It was my good fortune be there aboard  the USS WV Pratt as an exchange officer serving as Midshipman. I even had the honour of timing the shots for the salute to President Ford.

The fleet heading to New York.
A non-wargamer might not have thought of a WWI fleet  steaming into action.
The Statue of Liberty. 
Honest, dead centre, just a little hazy.

The Tall Ships and a huge armada of tiny pleasure boats out to see the spectacle.

USS W V Pratt

Great memories.

Anyway, Happy 240th.


  1. Ah I remember it well, was living just a short distance from the city near West Point Military Academy at the time.

  2. Great memories to have and share. Where was I in July 1976? Doing basic training.:-(

    1. There's more than a few wargaming grognards who have similar memories I'm sure.

  3. Living fairly nearby, and both my father and I being a fan of the tall ships and things naval, etc, we both made the trip to NYC and saw it as well!

    1. It was a notable event. I'm glad I was there to see it from inside as it were.

  4. Dear Ross,
    Thank you for sharing those photos and memories. We Americans have much to give thanks for. Not least of those reasons for gratitude is the friendship of the people of Canada, the best neighbor and ally we could have.
    Hope to hear from you in ten years for a rousing 250th!

    1. 10 years then sounds good. How about a reprise of Montgomery's attack on Quebec?