Sunday, October 30, 2016

All Aboard!

Its been 'one of those' weeks but I'm all packed and ready to head off Monday morning for Fall In.
British longboat at Detroit.
Some old homemade pirates (aka Brethren of the Coast), an old, cut down, tourist souvenir dory and a swivel gun made from a cut down Prince August 6 pounder. The plan was for two guns but at least the stubby one I  manged to get done at the last moment can be shifted from side to side as needed. 

It seems odd to be going off with one plastic tool chest with some buildings and fences, a boat and crew, some QRS, and a company of not really needed Highlanders but Rob is providing the ground cloth, river, woods and armies so that's it. It also feels a bit strange to be going away period, its been over four years since I last had the freedom to be away for more than a long weekend.

A small load like this with no figures would have been ideal if I were flying but that's waaaay too much hassle these days. Depending on the route, its somewhere between three and four hours actually in the air,  adding the two flights together, but often roughly twelve hours from home to destination. Instead, since my new-ish car is in waiting for a new transmission, (surprise!) I have a cushy rental car provided by my dealer. Wasn't expecting that but they weren't willing to say it was safe to drive roughly 4,000 km in its current state of suspense. (I'm glad I'm a bit less timid and accepting about such things than my younger self was.) As a bonus, I managed to talk a friend into coming along for the ride this year (60 seconds well spent). We will be visiting both friends and family along the way and of course, at the destination there will be friends, games and trade stands.

Next post probably a short one late Friday after the day's games.


  1. Have a great trip and time at Fall In.

  2. Ross Mac,

    I hope that your journey goes well and that you have a great time at FALL IN!

    Looking forward to hearing how your game goes,

    All the best,


  3. Enjoy! And beautiful longboat...

  4. I'm always astonished at the distances Canadians travel with perfect calm - enjoy the show. I look forward to pictures.

  5. Ross,
    Certainly superb Priates and craft - have a whole lot of fun on your Journey. Cheers. KEV.

  6. FALL IN! and smile as you hear the 'rattle of dice'!

  7. Have a great time; driving with a freind makes the trip MUCH faster, at least subjectively!