Viewer's Choice Celebration MiniCampaign

It has now been over 20 years since I launched "With MacDuff On the Web" and nearly 10 years since I launched my 2 blogs: Gathering of Hosts and Battle game of the Month.

To celebrate the years and the friends and the million hits I've decided to run a 3 game mini-campaign in late October. By popular vot e it will be set in the mid 18th Century.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Blast Off eh?

The refurbished table isn't finished yet but its far enough along to be played on and I'm  ready for a game.
The armies of the Blue Republic and the Red Queen are about to clash over the Belmont bridge.
We'll see when the game is played but so far it feels very good to have my big squares back!  After some waffling the re-re-re-inaugural game will be set in Atlantica in the opening years of the 20th Century. A nice simple meeting engagement, based on a well known scenario, one of the first I ever read, one which has never failed me yet.

I took a few minutes to update the Tin Army and to reinstate a few rules that only work when the squares have room for two infantry units. The result can be accessed from this link:  The Tin Army.

Game to follow as soon as I can get away with it. I suspect Saturday with a Sunday morning report.


  1. Looking good. I think big squares with big figures is the right combo.

    1. I hope so, it feels odd now to have so few units and so few squares.

  2. Great looking set-up, Ross! Eager to see how things play out.

    Best Regards,


  3. Hope you have a great time! Are you getting any snow this weekend? A nice snowy day would be a perfect excuse for a few hours spent at the table with your wonderful big squares and great big toy soldiers. Nicely done, sir, nicely done!

    1. We got our first dusting last night. Not enough to cancel inside chores or cancel errands. Might be time though, if not there is tomorrow!