Sunday, May 11, 2014

Assault Crossing Pt1

"Now the Hurley Burley's done"

This game would have been an excellent candidate for a Newport Noodle article but the iron is no longer hot and I have had too much to do. Quite apart from taking advantage of Goldilocks weather before I go away, I am in the final stages of preparing the AWI game for Huzzah. Rebasing, a few extra figures painted, Quick Reference sheets and Chance Cards all done and packed. I just have to do my ground cloth and some briefing notes and of course pack incidentals like clothes and passport. Only 2 days and a wake up till departure.

So what follows has been typed in short spurts over 3 or 4 days and may be a bit more disjointed than intended.
Princess Charlotte's Dragoons ride over yet another Oberhilse square, taking a stand of colours.
The scenario was River Crossing from CS Grant's Scenarios for Wargames, the one which appears on the cover (at least on the original). Briefly the attacker, Blue or Republic of Oberhilse in this case, have seized a toe hold across the river and are using commandeered boats to pass reinforcements over at the rate of 1 unit every 2 turns.  The defending Red or Kingdom of Faraway troops are rushing in 3 columns to throw back the invader. Once all troops are in play the number of units on each side are roughly equal but the composition varies with Oberhilse having an advantage in infantry and Faraway in cavalry.

The infantry units I used were variously raised as 3 or 4 x 8 man companies for MacDuff, as 20 men (5x4) for Morschauser Meets MacDuff or 16 man units  so I went with the Lowest Common Denominator and fielded 16 infantry, 8 cavalry or 1 gun with 4 crew as game units. Since I have been stalled for several/years while I tried to/decided what to/do, there was a mish mash of War of 1812, 1840's and 1860's units and generals. The look and feel of the game  was such that I can hardly wait to get back and set about getting the troops properly organized at last into coherent units on a standard basing scheme, 20 infantry, 12 cavalry divided into 2 squadrons and 1 gun batteries with named brigadiers and generals, and all the trimmings. There is a strong possibility, not yet confirmed that the 1812 troops will be reorganized into 8 man "Square 1812 Brigadier" units so that I only need to add a handful of figures to be able to play quick 1812 battles when the need arises and can focus my painting, playing, and campaigning on the Atlantica project. The alternate plan will be to keep the armies compatible and not worry about finishing the 1812 armies for now. 

The 2nd Column arrives complete with scatter die equipped Rocket Battery.
The Blue general placed his main battery East of the town, firing right down the road that Red was marching in on, (see previous post) and crossed General Zinn's brigade to the West of the small village. It seemed like a good idea at the time but with hindsight was a blunder that probably cost Blue the game. (Yes this was a solo game so both "he's" are "me".)

Faced by two batteries and the fire of the troops in the town and wood, Red shifted left and began a long attack by skirmishers and artillery on the town, hoping to wear down the defenders while waiting for reinforcements. The cavalry shifted to the far left and looked for an opportunity to intervene. This continued while Blue built up forces in his bridgehead and red waited for reinforcements. 

An advance by Blue units seemed to both threaten to expand the bridgehead and offer an opening so the lancers were sent in. They were repulsed by a hasty square but when Red's 2nd column arrived the Dragoons were sent in to try. Confident now of their rifle fire the 3rd Infantry took the charge in line but were almost over run. They quickly tried to form square during the ensuing melee but were too late (and very unlucky in the 2nd round of melee and following morale test). The square was broken and the remnants scattered, leaving  their colours behind.  As the fighting spread, it dawned on Red that his cavalry was not going to fare better once Blue was established and that by the time enemy cavalry arrived for a proper fight, it might be too late. He shifted the horsemen left and sent the newly arrived Larsen's Lancers to join them. Charge after charge was sent in. One catching the 2nd infantry as they made room for the 1st Infantry (becoming known as the Old Guard). The 2nd was also broken but managed to save their colours. (That`s not actually in the rules I just diced for it like capturing a General). The 1st infantry was hammered again and again but finally saw off the last of their tormentors and retreated only 5 strong behind the town.

The 1st Infantry begins its ordeal as Brigadier Zinn takes yet another wound.
Part 2 to follow.


  1. This looks like it might be an interesting scenario to play. I'm looking forward to your continued posts on it, Ross.

    -- Jeff

  2. Nice battlereport! Like your pictures and figures too.Keep up the good spirit!

  3. Nice report with great looking pictures, love your river!

    1. Thank you Phil. Simple paint and varnish on hardboard.