Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Adventures of Prince Micheal: Episode 15

Episode 15: The Hector Memorial Tourney

At last the big day arrives. Picts, Britons and the Count's
Roman garrison are all there but there is not a Saxon
in sight. It is agreed  that one champion from each
party will vie for each prize.  The Count posts 

extra sentries and declares the games open. The 
1st event is a rock toss. A Pict from
above the Wall has the mightiest toss.

The Javelin Race is a crowd favorite.
The soldiers race around an oval marked
by barrels. When the first runner
 reaches the finish line a horn blows
and all runners must throw. The farthest
javelin wins. One of Michael's Valdurians
makes it to the line and out throws the rest.

Archery is always popular. The archers prepare for a 4th round
 but there is a Bull. The Picts again win the trophy.
At last the knights take the field. In the first 
match Prince Micheal and the Palentine Knight 
draw but  Buidhe soon unseats the Earl's knight.
Prince Micheal now faces Buidhe but breaks his spear
 on the first pass. On the 2nd pass he unseats him
and takes the prize.

The day ends with the Melee, a free for all. When the dust settles,
the disciplined soldiers from the wall hold the field!

Before the overall winner can be announced, there is a stir and an alarm sounds. From the woods dashes a Red Rider, hawk in hand, riding for her life as huge arrows fall around her. As knights and soldiers grab their weapons and run to assist, two tall, strange horsemen appear briefly on the edge of the woods then disappear whence they came. Who are they? Who is the Woman in Red and why were they chasing her?


  1. A worthy memorial Sir. Those fellas in the woods look like a rum bunch though.

  2. Nice! Are they some of the unpainted Merten's some guy in Germany was selling in big mixed lots? There's something afoot!

    1. Yes, picked them up for a $1 a few years back. I see he has upped the start price. He sems to be selling them to match the catalogue pages which results in odd mixes like 4 riders, 1 horse. I wanted the longbowmen and figured I could always use a few civilians if not centaurs. Might have been a bad move. I bought a 2nd batch last year.

    2. There's a rumour he actually has the moulds and is producing 'someone said something' if you know what I mean.

      I encountered the adds/lots about two/three (?) years ago and they were a right old mix...some had maybe 8/10 figures, others 30-odd, they were from across the range and mixed, some were mostly weapons or a load of arms?

      All with the same start price...what was equally weird was how some sold for the start price, some were bid through the roof and at least half went unsold, re-listing after re-listing!

      The 'fantasy' figures aren't in the catalogues I have, so I aught to purchase a few really! But what to do with 40mm centaurs?

    3. I had heard the suggestion that had the molds, it would make sense. The first listings I bid on included a picture of what looked like a B&W line drawing catalog page which matched the listing precisely. Possibly a wholesale or similar listing? Or just an old catalog?
      I wanted the longbowmen from the set and have been wondering what to do with the centaurs ever since and now wonder if there were other fantastical figures to be revealed.

  3. Great post ,so enjoyable to read and indeed a very fitting memorial. I can't wait to see what happens next...

    1. Thanks. I'm looking forward to finding out what the next adventure will turn out to be. Need to do some paintin, dreaming and planning first.

  4. The tourney seemed to go well, and nicely set up the next instalment in this ongoing story.

    Hector would have been proud.

    All the best,


    1. I confess it was more fun than expected to carry out the races and mock fights and track the results.

  5. We anticipate the next instalment , Tony

  6. Was a bit worried about the guy at the butts about to get shot in the back :)

    1. Me too, I had shot separate photos to show before and after but blogger and I were having serious arguments on format etc @nd it was getting late and I was frustrated so I took the shortcut and nudged the storyline.

  7. Nice tribute and great story lead in for the next one. Much anticipated.

  8. A wonderful tribute to Hector, indeed. And sounds like fun. I will also be curious to see what happens next. Who is the Lady in Red? Why were those horse men after her?

  9. Sic expliceat memoriale Hector primus ludos. (or something like that) A wonderful event, and a great set up!


  10. I"m catching up on a week's worth of posts here, Ross, and first, my condolences on Hector. He was a noble cat in bearing (I've always loved him on the masthead of your blog) and a good friend by the sounds of it. Your tribute to him was very moving, and I shared it with my wife Kay, who loves our cats and tolerates my hobbies. Your tourney idea is a very fine tribute.

    Now I will be hanging on your blog in anticipation of the next instalment. Who indeed is this Red Queen, and are those two fellows in the woods actual centaurs? They certainly look centuarish.

    1. Thanks Mike. They do look Centaurish and have been worrying me since they arrived in a mixed ebay lot several years ago. I'm looking forward to finding out who is who and what the plot is (which will come at some point during the next game) but first there is some more painting to do and some chance & event tables etc to write up. Target: mid:winter.

  11. I'm going to have to dig in and do some solo games myself; this looks interesting, as usual...