Monday, November 2, 2015

Winter is Coming

The Fall is always a busy time for me. There are always a lot of things to be done to be ready for winter.  Once the house is snug, the yard is secure, emergency preparations made, my permament table built and the snows begin, the winter games can begin.
The nearest stand of infantry are brand shiny new Garrison figures fresh from my desk this morning. All the rest of the figures are 40 year old Garrison and Minifig veterans in the process of being refurbished and rebased.  
I'm ready for something more than a quick and easy game but now is not the time and anyway I want my table properly set up first so I've gone back to my painting desk this week.

One of the 6 remaining collections that I plan to work on is my 25mm Old School medieval/fantasy campaign planned around the restoring and reinforcing the remnants of my original metal wargame figures from the 70's. This revival was largely triggered by three Robs. Rob Young for resurrecting the old Garrison ranges, Rob Hingley for getting me into a HOTT game a few years back and joggling memories and more recently, Rob Dean for a discussion about his plans for hosting a vintage fantasy massed battle game at a con next year about rules for the same. Not where I thought I'd be in my 5th decade of wargaming but I'm having fun

This Minifig Vercingetorix was once one of my favorite and least successful Generals. His sword broke for the 2nd time while I was trying him on various horses. Now rearmed with an axe, rehorsed and refurbished he is a new man and will become High King and Army Commander of the Northern Confederation.


  1. Those Garrison figures were some of the first I ever brought 40+years ago when they were made by. Greenwood & Ball, Tony

  2. You're very lucky to still have so many of your own 'old soldiers' the ranks - I wish I still had mine! These chaps look superb.

  3. AXE! yes AXE is better than sword.

  4. My first ever War Game was an Introduction to Skirmish gaming - with...MINIFIGS. Great Figures. KEV.

  5. Looks good. I'll be looking forward to getting this all on the table at Huzzah...