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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Happy Canada Day

From Coast

HMCS Ottawa in Hudson's Bay off Chesterfield Inlet NWT in 1977.
Northern Coast and as close as I've been to the Arctic Ocean.

 to Coast

HMCS Ottawa in Halifax Harbour 1977,
Atlantic Coast.

 to Coast

Fisguard Lighthouse, Esquimalt Harbour, Victoria BC. 1978
Pacific coast.


  1. A Happy Canada Day to you and yours , Tony

  2. Ross,
    Happy Canada Day! My mother was born in Canada; that and the fact that I grew up in Baja Ontario (i.e. Michigan), meant we travelled up to the frozen North fairly often. I often wonder what might have happened had you folks taken us up on our several peaceful, incredibly well-intentioned invitations to join the U.S.

    As it is, I hear your Prime Minister is planning to build a wall from Lake Superior to the Pacific to keep out the Americans who would otherwise be crossing the border illegally if Trump wins this November...

    Best regards,


    1. Nonsense Chris, we're not building a wall, just jacking up real estate prices. Com'on home, bring money!

  3. Lovely photos Ross. I have always admired the graceful lines of the St. Laurent class destroyers.

    1. With the rounded hull and superstructure they looked so futuristic. Who knew it was a deadend design?