Wednesday, August 17, 2016

While we wait

Its been "One of those" weeks. Not much time or mental space for hobbies.

I did manage to squeeze in a partial play test of 1/2 of one of the Fall In games. The revised MacDuff rules are now so fast and bloody that it may be necessary to add more troops, or complexity to the scenario or else adjust the rules. Needs some undivided thought.
Carnage and Confusion
(btw those Abenakis behind the British are French allies.

At least today I found time to cast a few figures and by the weekend I hope to see 2 more US companies on the table, umhh, possibly along with the headstrong, glory seeking, yellowed haired cavalry Colonel Byrd,  commonly addressed as General due to his brevet rank at the end of the civil war.

(aside: I grew up thinking those little cans of custard powder were labelled Birdseye apparently I and many others just imagined the Eye part.)

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