Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Just been one of those weeks. I did make it in to Halifax for a game with 4 longtime friends.

Lentelus' 10mm WWII Russian Front.
 The scenario was CS Grant's Bridgehead breakout. The game itself was a good example of one way BKC can go off the rails.

I was the Russian Armoured commander. On turn 1&2 I watched 1/2 my tanks get shot apart by a pair of Stugs. Then Rob's naval FOO rolled low and brought in 3 'batteries' of heavy naval artillery from an offshore Soviet Battleship. The Germans had a heavy concentration of tanks, infantry and HQ off to the side of and behind the Stugs. The first barrage wandered just enough to take most of it in and shook things up a little but it didn't stop there. Rob's FOO rolled even lower and then topped it off with snake eyes after that. By the time 4  barrages had finished wandering back and forth with 12 dice per barrage per target, there was almost nothing left and the game was over.

Luckily it was still a great afternoon and evening with friends.

Hopefully tomorrow I will wrap up September's Atlantica and the Square Brigadier struggle and resolution.


  1. I like the basing on those infantry. I use smaller bases with more figures and they look too crowded in that scale.

    Pendraken are re-doing BKC and interestingly they said it was nearly ready, but fans felt that it deviated too much from the original, so it is going through a process of bringing it back closer to the original. It would be interesting to see if any of those back and forth changes would have influenced your game.

    1. Yes Les has done a good job on these.

      I had some good games when BKC when it was new but then a string of disasters where one side could not seem to roll less than 11 or 12 for command. Not so bad if you lay every week but when its one game a year...... The last game was at least 6 or so years ago, the next might be longer!

  2. Ross,

    To often I've played in and witnessed Wargames which were totally dominated by over-use and over-powerful off-table or on table ARTILLERY...Totally devastating and the effect is that it's presence thoroughly wrecks what should be an enjoyable Scenario. Regards. KEV.

    1. The artillery per se was ok, about right, it was the ways allowed multiple actions if you roll well that spoiled it.

  3. Replies
    1. I will pass that on to Les. He uses a Hotz European mat over hexon hills.