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It has now been over 20 years since I launched "With MacDuff On the Web" and nearly 10 years since I launched my 2 blogs: Gathering of Hosts and Battle game of the Month.

To celebrate the years and the friends and the million hits I've decided to run a 3 game mini-campaign in late October. By popular vot e it will be set in the mid 18th Century.

Monday, November 28, 2016

That Reminds Me

One of the things that I like about blogging is the feedback and ideas I get back through comments. At the very least they often get me thinking and sometimes rethinking. Whether that extra thinking confirms or changes my mind, or just awakens a dormant thought or intent, I'm better off for it.

I did some ciphering and imagining yesterday about the footprint of various sizes of 54mm units, about scenarios and force make up, about existing figures and possible future units and about force and command structures in various mid-ninteenth century historical engagements of a comparable size to various scenarios that I might play .  I didn't come to any conclusions other than that I need to cast and paint at least three dozen figures before any of it is relevent.

However, just thinking about rules for command reminded me of a thought/feeling that I had at Fall In which was that while I enjoy the sort of short quick "game" Wargames that I have mostly been playing recently, I miss my old style of longer, still simple but slightly more complex and less "gamey", wargames. The resolution I took then was to make an effort to keep doing both when I got home.

So, while my 54mm armies are being rebuilt, I have a generic 16th Century English army  vs an Auld Alliance Franco-Scots army Gathering of Hosts game set up on the table while I tinker with version 8 of the rules which will hearken back to Rough Wooing.


  1. Looking forward to seeing this chaps in action once more and version 8!

    1. Won't be much of a battle report this time bug the draft is up.

  2. I'm not sure I've ever seen this army before. It's fantastic.

    1. One of my favourites, roughly 1/2 are my original figures. They usually come out at least once or twice a year.

  3. Whatever you decide to share with us will increase the quality of our collective gaming insights. You have articulated what for me are the key elements for gaming:
    1.Do the rules with which I play allow me to play out a game the way I think it should play out?
    2. Do my rules reflect the period I am attempting to game?
    3. Do my game rules allow me to enjoy the experience of the game(s) I am playing?
    These elements overlap and drive what you do at any given time. I know I speak for your audience when I say that we look forward to hearing how you will tweek the rules for your latest efforts.