Sunday, June 18, 2017

One for the Gaffer

OK so I'm not technically a Dad, but I look after a pack of hounds as well as a couple of cats and a bird, soooo...... I took some time for a quick Father's Day game.

Despite my best camera instincts, this shot is surprisingly true to the actual colours on the table.

My original idea was to do a big MacDuff game but there were other things (chore type things) and I didn't want to mess with any campaign backstories. I also didn't feel like playing MacDuff which is a different matter. 

Anyway, the lads from Faraway and Oberhilse are always up for a brawl. Since the OHW wargame scenario was still 3/4 set up, I just went with that, with a terrain tweak, and improvised rules as I went, sort of a retro-single figure version of Hearts of Tin: variable moves, turn initiative, detached unit command roll, firing by individuals, and a return to a morale roll for under strength units.  
Mid game. One attack on the house has been repulsed, the next will succeed but too little too late at too high a price.
Pity there were no War Correspondents present.
It all kinda worked pretty well and entertained me. I occasionally missed  the grid for measuring but enjoyed the flexibility of no grid. 

Lots to think about.


  1. As a fellow "Father" to our own dog (from whom I dutifully receive a Father's Day Card), I share your slanted observation of the day. Unfortunately, a morning breakfast interlude aside, the "stuff to do" end of things prevented me from playing with my toys this day, although I did get some "virtual" tinkering done in the form of a blog entry (just not the same thing). Thus, I take vicarious pleasure in yours: sounds very nice (thanks for posting).

  2. Our animals forgot ! and I think the dismembered mouse I found was not meant for me !? , Tony

  3. As a father to both humans and dogs (is that even possible?) and a recipient of cards from all, I can only think what a splendid way to spend father's day! I spent most of mine cleaning the house although I did get treated to lunch...