EXCERPT FROM APPENDIX 1 from Don Featherstone's Battles With Model Soldiers
(The book that got me started.)

"Nothing in these pages is a dictate, no word says you must or you shall do it this way. On the contrary, the book sets out from the very beginning to stimulate the reader to think for himself, and to use what he has read merely as a foundation for efforts and ideas which reflect his own temperament and character. Only in this way will he obtain maximum satisfaction from the hobby of battling with model soldiers."

-Don Featherstone 1918 - 2013

Monday, April 2, 2018


I'm not used to being this focused on one period and one scenario and I felt like it was time for a break. Something quick and simple and different, then I could get back to "work".

I had a vague image in my head of a mid-18thC NQSYW petite guerre scenario, an ambush perhaps,  but since I wanted something quick and easy I turned to Thomas's One Hour Wargames.
The Wolf Regiment and Freedom Legion Volunteers prepare to defend the ruins of a once busy town.

OK, this wasn't what I had in mind but when I flipped the book open I found myself looking at the last scenario. This is an example of a Last Stand and one of the few scenarios in the book that I hadn't tried yet.

I could tell you how the game went but I believe that a reporter from the Newport Noodle was present with the Red Queen's troops so we can expect the Noodle to publish a report ere long.


  1. That's all looking like an exciting game Ross - must get a copy of the Newport Noodle

  2. That river has ran over my table several times :) Wonderful images as always!