Some of My Rules - 4 Jan 2022. Available to view and download.

A list of links to selected wargame rules that I have written or am still developing.

A Gathering of Hosts. An updated version of these Morschauser inspired rules that I started working on around 2015. The plan, once again, is to use the same rules for three collections: my vintage 25mm medieval/fantasy armies, my 40mm Prince Valiant collection and my 40mm 16th Rough Wooing armies.

With MacDuff to the Frontier (2021) An updated version of my French&Indian Wars set of rules published in the Courier in 1997. Not yet ready for sharing.

Probably to be largely replaced by the under development of A Whiff of Grape.

The Square Brigadier in the War of 1812. A simple gridded game for small battles in the late 18th and early 19thC. r

The Plastic Army of the Potomac.  (Updated 5 Sep 2021 draft) A simple game for Divisional to small Corps sized American Civil War battles, 

The Model Major General (1 Aug 2021) A game for mid-19thC toy soldiers, indoors or out.
(link corrected - 20 Aug 21 - Sorry about that.)

The Square Brigadier in the Great Game. RETIRED. I have however revived an older version of the Square Brigadier for the occasional Colonial game. 

One Page Quick & Easy:  Pike & Shot.

Gathering of Hosts The current version of Medieval/Fantasy battle rules Sep 2019 (still a work in progress)

My 16thC Rules, co-written with Rob Dean:  Rough Wooing 

Original With MacDuff to the Frontier Colonial Rules as published in the Courier
Original With MacDuff to the Frontier French & Indian War variant as published in the Courier (digital copy pending.

Original (Jan 2003) Morschauser Meets MacDuff  Quick Play Horse & Musket era rules (predecessor of Hearts of Tin)


  1. One page Pike and Shot.
    Excellent rules. Question about melee:
    which units use 3 dice? which units use 2 dice?
    Thanks for the clarification.

    1. Lex, "3d6 per pike & shot, highlanders or cavalry unit fighting to front, dragoons, commanded shot, clubmen and inferior cavalry roll 2d6." Inferior cavalry is a judgement call.