Some of My Rules - 21 Aug 2021. Available to view and download.

A list of links to selected wargame rules that I have written or am still developing.

Stout Hearts and Willing Swords (6 Aug 21 ) My current set of simple semi-skirmish rules for my Prince Valiant games. 

5 Aug 21 Prince Micheal battle report

Rough Wooing: Early 16thC small battles. Co written with Rob Dean (Sharp End of the Brush blog) for the Relief of Haddington game which took Best Game at Cold Wars in 2005. It was in my pre=blog days and my old website is gone but if you can find Battlegames Magazine Issue 2, there is an article about the making of it.   

With MacDuff to the Frontier (2021) An updated version of my French&Indian Wars set of rules published in the Courier in 1997 which I will use for my Fr Rev. wars as well. 

The Square Brigadier in the War of 1812. A simple gridded game for small battles in the late 18th and early 19thC. 

The Plastic Army of the Potomac.  (Updated 5 Sep 2021 draft) A simple game for Divisional to small Corps sized American Civil War battles, 

The Model Major General (1 Aug 2021) A game for mid-19thC toy soldiers, indoors or out.
(link corrected - 20 Aug 21 - Sorry about that.)

The Square Brigadier in the Great Game. RETIRED. A Square Brigadier variant for Colonial Wars in the 1890's to the 1920's (This is a slight misuse of the term but I like the sound.).  This is being reverted to a more traditional game with a smaller number of larger units.
One Page Quick & Easy:  Pike & Shot.

Gathering of Hosts The current version of Medieval/Fantasy battle rules Sep 2019 (still a work in progress)

My 16thC Rules, co-written with Rob Dean:  Rough Wooing 

Original With MacDuff to the Frontier Colonial Rules as published in the Courier
Original With MacDuff to the Frontier French & Indian War variant as published in the Courier (digital copy pending.

Original (Jan 2003) Morschauser Meets MacDuff  Quick Play Horse & Musket era rules (predecessor of Hearts of Tin)


  1. One page Pike and Shot.
    Excellent rules. Question about melee:
    which units use 3 dice? which units use 2 dice?
    Thanks for the clarification.

    1. Lex, "3d6 per pike & shot, highlanders or cavalry unit fighting to front, dragoons, commanded shot, clubmen and inferior cavalry roll 2d6." Inferior cavalry is a judgement call.