Viewer's Choice Celebration MiniCampaign

It has now been over 20 years since I launched "With MacDuff On the Web" and nearly 10 years since I launched my 2 blogs: Gathering of Hosts and Battle game of the Month.

To celebrate the years and the friends and the million hits I've decided to run a 3 game mini-campaign in late October. By popular vot e it will be set in the mid 18th Century.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

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Having cleared up all that background technical stuff, rules, organization, philosophy etc. its time to get the glossy toys out again. Nothing like a game to inspire some casting and painting, especially now that organization is settled again. I have been eye-ing Hook's Farm as one a classic wargame scenario but since Stuart Asquith has started a 2 part series on the battle in the CWJ, I may as well wait and take advantage of his hard work if possible. So its back to Teasers and for no better reason than it being "the beginning" I decided to start with the first published Table Top Teaser from February of 1978 (see the Tabletop Teaser blog link to the left or consult the intro to the Battlegames Tabletop Teasers Special.)

The forces as laid out are:      

Red Army:

2 regiments of heavy cavalry
3 regiments of line infantry
1regiment of light infantry
2 batteries of artillery
1 troop of engineers

Blue Army:

1 regiment of light cavalry
2 regiments of heavy cavalry
6 regiments of line infantry
2 regiments of light infantry
2 batteries of artillery

Now if I was more clever than I am, I would have persisted with making sure that my light infantry units were 1/2 the size of my line units and that my heavy cavalry were more powerful and then all would be well. But things being what they are, I will need to translate the forces in keeping with my armies and rules. My starting point was the accompanying points value that indicates that Red should have 23 points + engineers to face Blue's 33 pts. Hmm lets round that to 24 vs 33 or if all units are worth an average 3 pts, then 8 units vs 11.

Keeping in mind the mission, the available choice of units, and my desire to finally field an observation balloon,  I propose the following:

Red Army

General Ross
Observation Balloon

HBC Brigade
        Brigadier Smith
        HBC Pioneers
        Voyageurs (3 co Irregular Infantry).

Cavalry Brigade
        Brigadier Nolan
        Larsen's Lancers (4 trp Regular Cavalry)
        Governor General's Bodyguard (4 trp Regular Cavalry)
        Rocket Battery, Bengal Horse Artillery

Infantry Brigade
        Brigadier ?
        49th Foot (5 co Veteran Regular Infantry w Musket)
        New Brunswick Regiment (5 co Regular Infantry w Musket)
        Victoria Rifles (3 co Regular Light Infantry w Rifles)
         B Battery Royal Artillery (Field Artillery)
Blue Army

General Scott

Cavalry Brigade
      Brigadier Kearney
      1st Dragoons  (4 trp Regular Cavalry)
      2nd Dragoons (4 trp Regular Cavalry)
      Rangers (5 trp Veteran Irregular Cavalry with rifle)

Regular Brigade
     Brigadier ?
     1st Infantry  (5 co Regular Infantry)
     2nd Infantry (5 co Regular Infantry)
     3rd Infantry  (5 co Regular Infantry)
     1st Co Mountain Artillery (Pack Gun)

Volunteer Brigade
     Brigadier ?
    Bangor Rifles  (3 co Regular Light Infantry with rifle)
    Pennsylvania King of Prussia Volunteers  (6 co Regular Infantry with musket)
    1st Ohio volunteers (6 co Militia Regular Infantry with musket)
    King of Prussia Battery ( Field gun)

Field Hospital or Fife & Drum band.

Now to find time to set the table, marking off an area 5'x7' to test the proposed new playing area and find time to actually play. This may be one of those 1 hour a night games but we'll see.

Google Docs now has version management for all files so , I think, I don't need to update the link each time I add a new version. I have just added some clarification on my practices to HofT, caught some minor discrepancies,  and a new rule to allow units in a battle line to average out hits for morale purposes only.


  1. Hi Ross,
    Your Google Docs link is bringing the HofT rules up in edit mode, with no download or even save option. The only thing you can do from there is copy and paste it into a local file.


  2. Ross - looking forward to seeing a picture of the balloon!


  3. Hmm that's disturbing John. Did you try editing the file? I wonder if it will let you save the file in my google docs location despite my settings or if it'll make you save it in your own area?

    In any case there should be a Download option under the File menu.

    If someone could test the editing and let me know what happens, I would appreciate it.


  4. Hi Ross,
    Must have been my work connection messing with the menu, because from home I can access the download from the file menu. weird.
    I edited the file and saved, then closed and opened it again and it didn't change, so I think it saved the change in my own google docs account.
    Looks like you're good to go.


  5. Hi Ross,

    About editing your Google docs.
    Signed into my Google account.
    Nav'd to Battle Game of the Month.
    Clicked on the link to HofT.
    Clicked on edit in the upper right of the page.
    Edited the file.
    Saved the file.
    Nav'd away.
    Nav'ed back.
    Clicked on the link to HofT.
    The HofT file does NOT shown my edit.
    The edited file is in my Google docs folder.
    You are probably ok.
    Beware the Google. It is a wily Thing.

    Yes, I'm still out here in the dark, lurking.

    Jim Wright

  6. Tony, I'm pretty pleased with the balloon (which a friend made for me) and am looking forward to its 1st game.