Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Oh Yes, Now I Remember

I'm glad I tried that.

It took 2 full turns to remember why I had dropped the Variable Moves. Its fine with a small game but in a larger battle with 20 or 30 units aside, there is alot of time and mental effort spent just handling the mechanics of moving. There was also a minor issue about the army commander being too focused on the details of handling individual brigades but a rule allowing formed brigades to move as 1 unit would fix that. The feel of reacting to circumstances rather than driving them would be harder to beat.

The first assault on the hill hangs in the balance. 

The revised sequence of play was ok but not Hearts of Tin. So, I reset and started over with the familiar sequence and most common mechanisms from the last 9 years without writing anything down. Order dice, move or shoot (skirmisher fire and artillery) or rally, 3" mutual combat zone, hits and rallies. No thinking about theory, just doing what came naturally (ie habit) felt good.

After about 7 turns I broke for lunch in an air conditioned room and started making notes. The game will resume when the temperature upstairs abates.


  1. Ross Mac,

    It sounds as if you are experiencing the same sort of issues I have been of late ... trying to re-write a set of rules to incorporate changes, only to discover that you end up with something that is not a million miles from an earlier set of rules that you have written!

    Been there, bought the T-shirt ... and I am currently wearing it!

    All the best,


  2. Yes a familiar process but this time a slightly different combination of bits may have finally done the trick. Maybe.