Thursday, January 8, 2015

Somewhere in a Faraway village

An alarmed picquet sights an advancing Oberhilse patrol.

"Seizing the Initiative" from Scenarios for All Ages (the Red Book.)


  1. I LOVE these battles with this particular groups of figures! Your armies here remind me of the photographs in Wells' Little Wars. . . but are even better. Eager to see what develops here.

    Best Regards,


  2. I look forward to reading more... and totally agree with Stokes!

  3. Dear Ross,

    This is a terrific looking table and I hope that it can serve as a platform for several games at least. Is it possible for you to use rolling hills, that is terrain which does not provide much of an obatacle but which would shield an approaching unit for at least part of its advance. I'm thinking here of the type of terrain at Gettysburg or even the way the ground lies here on Long Island. During the battle of Gettysburg parts of Pickett's division disappeared from sight from the defenders on Cemetery Ridge as they left the woodline advanced forward and then followed the terrain down into a series of folds in the ground. It might make it more interesting for the troops approaching the enemy defenses not to get shot down on the approach.

    Stay warm!


    1. Thanks Jerry, yes I do some of that and with the longer modern ranges it become more important than in the smoothbore musket day so I will need more. After having spent time trying to make rolling, multi-contour hills over the last year or so I have realized that I messed up a couple of them when experimenting and that I need to cut more narrow hills for just the sort of low ridge you describe.. Since my workshop is an unheated woodshed, it'll probably have to wait until spring.