Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Kapelle Field Force marches again.

I know, its silly, but I'm all excited, like a kid at Christmas, getting ready for this test game tomorrow.
In the frontier town of Klarksville, the Kapelle Field Force, minus detachments in garrison and on the train, is drawn up for inspection. Behind them the armoured train is about to leave on its last patrol. Any correspondents who wish to accompany the train should be there by 4:30. 

Post It Version of the New Tin Army

May be played on grid or measure using base width or agreed upon "units"
Units take 2 hits and occupy 1 area except artillery occupy 2 adjacent units, 1 for the gun, 1 for train. Once a unit takes a 2nd hit it is assumed to be exhausted or routed etc and is removed from the board.

Sequence of play: Roll for initiative with winner choosing 1st or 2nd move that turn. +1 if aided by observation balloon or other advantage as per scenario. -2 If General lost.

Chance Cards. (Optional) Make up custom deck or use playing cards. Assign red to 1 side, black to the other. Cards apply to that player. Only face cards and Aces are effective, others are no effect. Decide maximum number of turns to play and pull that many cards for a game deck. When the deck has been played the game is over. If joker appears roll d6 and discard that number of cards from the deck. At the start of each turn pull 1 card before rolling for initiative. 
Sample chance effects: 
King. Roll d6 and that many units may add 1 to move this turn even if attacking.
Queen. Roll d6 and your enemy may choose that many units that must remain halted this turn.
Jack. Roll d6  and your enemy may choose that many units not occupying cover that must immediately retreat
Ace. A unit of unexpected reinforcements arrive or 1 destroyed unit is rallied and may be returned to service.  
Infantry Move 1 and shoot with 1 die or move 2
Cavalry Mounted move 4. Dismounted move 1 and shoot 1 die
Artillery Move 2. Horse artillery move 3
Terrain Max 1 unless native infantry. Some may be impassible to some troop types.
Road +1 to move but no shoot or attack.

Shooting. 2 dice per unit. +1 die for MG or for other rated superior. -1 die if inferior firepower
Ranges: Rifles 4, Carbine 3, MG 6, Arty Light 8, Field 12, Hvy 16  
5,6 hits and enemy in the open. 6 hits an enemy in cover 
If there is a unit immediately behind target reroll misses vs second unit.

Melee. May not move adjacent unless attacking or ambushed. Must resolve melee if adjacent during melee phase. If adjacent to multiple enemy must split dice with a minimum of 1 against each enemy. If the number of enemies exceed the number of dice extra dice are granted to meet the minimum.
3 dice per unit in melee +1 die for each adjacent supporting unit able to shoot with clear line of fire to enemy and not itself in melee. 
+1 die if any of: MG or superior firepower defending against an attack this player turn,
mtd cav attacking in open. (ie not being attacked) or if Elite troops -1 die if inferior troops.

Defender rolls first and attacker may give ground ow attacker then rolls and defender may give ground. If defender gives ground mounted cavalry may pursue 1 area and roll again.
5,6 hits and enemy in the open. 6 hits an enemy in cover 
If Commander with unit in melee roll 1 die 4,5,6 = hit, 1=cdr killed

Give Ground. Each time a unit takes hits from one enemy unit, either shooting or melee, it may cancel 1 of the hits by retreating 1 area. A unit may give ground each time it is fired on by a different unit but only once in melee.
Rally. If Commander joins unit not engaged rally instead of move or shoot. 1 die 5 or 6 cancels hit. +1 Elite -1 Militia

Brigade Morale. A Brigade consists of a Commander 3 to 12 units. when 1/3 of the units are lost the Brigade is exhausted and may not shoot or attack but may defend itself in melee.
Army Morale. When all of the Brigades in an army are exhausted it must cede the battle and retire from the field.


  1. Looking forward to hearing about your game.

  2. Ross Mac,

    By the look of these rules, I think that you may well have cracked it! They are simple enough to be easy to remember very quickly and yet seem to be capable of producing subtle results. I look forward to seeing them in action ... and even using them myself.

    All the best,


    1. All tried mechanisms, just a different mix so I have high hopes.

  3. Dangerous business, boarding an armoured train to cover the war. Just ask Young Winston.
    Looking forward to more.

    1. Yes dangerous business, ended up landing him in parliament and look what that got him into!

  4. I think your excitement is well justified. We'll se ho it goes when lead and dice collide!