Sunday, August 2, 2015

Special Edition: Early report from the Brethern Coast

The first report is in from the historic air and sea expedition against the Black Fox's new lair!

Tigers in the Jungle

Our reporter in the Kapelle was on hand when the first steamers full of wounded from the Newaussie Expedition arrived. Capt. N_____ of HM army gave us this report:

" We were in a small steam launch following the gun boats up the river. With the balloons overhead and air full of the thrum of engines and paddle wheels, the roar of the gunboat's cannon and the hissing  trails of the rockets, it was modern war such as never seen in Atlantica. What a marvelous time we live in! We were sure that those ragged pirates and savages would cut and run at the sight of us.

A company of the Victoria Rifles had gone ahead to land on the South Bank and release the iron chain that bars passage upriver while the other 2 companies landed by balloon  behind the main battery that covered the chain. We were in reserve waiting for the chain to come down when the word came that we were ordered ashore to reinforce the Rifles.

We landed on a small beach and rushed forward along a narrow path through dense brush. We could smell powder and hear the roar of musketry and the cries of men but we could barely see 3 inches in that jungle. As we entered a small clearing the edge of the jungle exploded with smoke and fire. Half my men went down before that storm. We had barely shaken out into line with the 2nd company on our left and returned fire when a roaring cheer announced a ragged horde of men with boarding pikes and gawd knows what other medieval tools. We gave them a volley which stopped a few but they cut us to pieces. There was nothing for it but to grab our wounded and head back to the boats. The 2nd company held off the pursuit for a little but then they were nearly surrounded by yet more of the ruffians who had worked their way around and were crumpled in turn.

The Jack Tars pulled us aboard and we pulled off just in time. The midshipman in command said that a signal from the Flag had instructed him to take us back, both whole and wounded. As we steamed slowly back out into the strait we could hear the pop pop of the Rifles still in action behind us and see the colours of the Buffs above the enemy battery. The battle was a long way from over but it was over for us."

More news as it arrives.


  1. Aaarrrrgggh! Against Pirates perhaps rum and loose women would have worked better, eh?

    -- Jeff

  2. Ross Mac,

    The wheel seems to have come off the wagon in this fight. We can but hope that things are going better elsewhere on the battlefield.

    All the best,


  3. I'm delighted to see the Noodle, but the news is not so good. Excellent artist's impression.