Friday, January 20, 2017

"and I Damn All Gentlemen!"

(In the words of Sergeant Kilraine.)

I sat down to resume the game today but suddenly realized that it wasn't the 'right' game any more! The rules I have been using for my North West games assume that all infantry are deployed as skirmishers with breechloaders but I had an itch to see formed battalions on the table as well and the urge to fallback to the 1860s and include rifled muskets was strong.

This may have something to do with my interest in the ACW and Fenian Raids which was the reason for buying 54mm ACW moulds in the first place but I have a strong suspicion that at least part of my discontent today arose from having just read over 'A Gentleman's War' .

Don't you hate encountering something like that then getting a nasty itch?

The Advanced Guards have fallen back and the main forces are now marching on.

So, having reset the table with 12 figure/4 stand infantry battalions, 2 stand/4 or 6 figure skirmisher detachments and cavalry squadrons  and  1 stand/4 figure artillery batteries, I've been looking over old versions of the Square Brigadier and Hearts of Tin for ideas and options for my  54mm gridded games.

I'm going to need more Bluebellies! Now, where'd I put that Zouave mould?


  1. Ross Mac,

    I can sympathise without the dilemma that you faced ... and if it didn't feel right, then it probably wasn't. I think that stopping where you were and resetting the game was the best decision you could make.

    Good luck with your 'new' game.

    All the best,


    1. Luckily, in the end, I didn't actually need a new game, just some adjustments and some thought on what was what, and on what I actually wanted. Played well today.

  2. Awesome. RCMP deploy to repel the Fenians! Nothing like a good book to inspire a game. I am taking some historical fiction with me to Mexico with Julius Caesar as the protagonist...

    1. Thought for a minute you were talking Caesar vs Aztecs. Enjoy the sun, come back alive.