Thursday, January 19, 2017

What We Need is a Diversion.

Today I felt like I "needed" a game.

I've been reviewing a slightly revised edition of Gentleman's War, Howard Whitehouse's toy soldier rules which I had played at Fall In and thought briefly about trying them out with my 54's. I have ample Redcoats but no longer have sufficient enemy infantry (though I will ere long). I have ample 40's but wish to give them some TLC before I deploy them again.

Anyway, I wanted to get my 54's out! Some variation of Square Brigadier then.
Imagine! Bumping into each other at a bridge! 
There was already a river and a road on the board so I decided to just do an equal encounter meeting engagement with both sides seeking to control the bridge. The stream is crossable by infantry and cavalry but artillery and wagons must use the bridge.

The setting and background is up in the air, just another border skirmish at some lightly settled point on a long frontier.

Turn three and the guns have opened fire.
Of course by the time I decided what I wanted to do, set the game up, and started playing, my time was over! Ah well, toy soldiers are patient and we will resume play tomorrow.


  1. Every time you show off your 54s or 40s, I want to abandon whatever project I'm working on and restart my 40mm project. No wonder it seems none of my projects get done!

    1. Thats why I don't like calling them projects, it implies a "done" state!