Saturday, July 22, 2017

Time for a change

Well, I've reached an impasse with my Prince August collection and the new campaign.

I replayed the scenario with Charge! as written. It was an ok game but only lasted 5 turns so not many decisions to make. For reference, on an 6×4 table artillery could  fire 6 feet and cavalry charge 2 feet. My 2/3 strength infantry units were almost 2 ft wide and the Rosmark force only had 5 units including the battery of artillery.

Rather than continuing to spin my wheels over decisions about  rules, organisation and basing,  or make a hasty decision that I know is wrong, I'm just going to bring my  NQSYW Rosmark units up to scratch for now. This will involve bringing my "away' army at least up to proper establishment over the next year with a consistent style and with all cripples  and misfits pensioned off and replaced.  I can still draw detachments for fighting the occasional skirmish so nothing is lost. I'll delay any other decision until the British are released.

In the meantime, its time to get something different on both my painting desk and my gaming table .


  1. A change is every bit as good as a rest! I am going through a rest and reflective period, but my painting table is shout embarrassing things at me.

    1. Heat and humidity has chased me from mine. Bad news for the strip of 2/3 painted figures that are occupying it at present.

  2. Replies
    1. My thoughts exactly. Time for some knights and rabble.

  3. Rabble? I'll have you know that some of our finest ancestors would have been called that uncomplimentary term by those "nose in the air" so-called nobility. Let's hear it for the rabble!!

  4. I'm sure it says something about some of my ancestors that our clan song was "Thogail nam Bo"(lifting ie stealing the cattle) but nonetheless the Wizard of Id always comes to mind "Sire, the Peasants are revolting " "Yes I know, they always have been".
    (Damn you autocorrect!)