Monday, July 3, 2017

Year Eight

Well here it is, another 4th of July, seven years since my heart attack and still ticking. I get a bit more embarrassed by the fuss each year but then I hear that the folks south of the border are again organizing  parades and concerts and making a holiday of it so I  ought to be able to manage a blog post at least.

In honour of the 4th of July here are some ACW troops defending a Musket Miniatures Rock and Wood fence.
I assembled and painted it up over the 2nd & 3rd.

This last year has been a good one by and large but an odd one. I think the last time that I passed a year with so few stressors and changes was probably when I was 11. Still, we managed and I'd be up for a repeat.

Gaming-wise it has been much the same, a bit of consolidation including small expansions of existing collections  and I expect that to continue with at least  one "proper" campaign.

The Musket Miniatures fence before painting but after assembly. I quite like them but at roughly CAD$1 an inch I won't be covering my table with them. Wouldn't mind some corners though, and another section.

However, I think the 25mm fantasy/medievals are coming back. The 40mm version was ok but while a good imagination should be able to merge the variety​ of periods that my collection of Elastolins includes, the mix is insufficient to produce coherent armies for battles without a lot of work, work I don't want to do right now. I also miss Prince Michael so I will revert to the original​ plan with a 40mm Elastolin Heroic Dark Age skirmish setting with single figures and a Medieval Fantasy 25mm battle collection. The longbowmen, pikemen and plate armoured knights will then remain dedicated to the 16thC Rough Wooing collection. I currently have an excess of Prince Valiant Elastolins so will consider looking for a new home for a few of the quadruplicates.

The Earl of Cowcross. (Garrison 25mm)

So that's about it steady as it goes until ambushed. But...maybe, just maybe, this might be the year I get my room tidied up, cupboards and shelves organized, finish getting existing units onto matching bases, fix up my battered terrain and add to it?

Yah, probably not, but I did finally paint up a stone wall for my ACW guys!


  1. Happy Anniversary may you have many more , Tony

  2. Ross Mac,

    Here's to many more years of wargaming!

    All the best,


  3. About that "to do" list--refer to earlier point made concerning stressors. Let next year's anniversary mark another year of being eleven, playing with toy soldiers being chief among the accomplishments--keeping what's important in mind.

    Best, Ed M

    1. Not so sure I want to be 11 again but another settled year would be good. Yes the toys have long been a good refuge, even on the nights that I was too tired to do anything but daydream.

  4. So glad that you are still 'ticking' Ross, all the very best to you, long may it continue :)

  5. Here's to the next eight and beyond! Keep gaming!

  6. Here's to many more! Do you thank the neighbours for making such a fuss over you continued good health? You might get a tweet from their P...shush, you know who!


  7. Congratulations on your continued presence.

    It is also about 7 years since I had a couple of suspected heart attacks. I was so relieved when the paramedic told me it's not your heart but we'll take you into hospital anyway.

    Here's to more anniversaries.

    1. I was surprised when they confirmed the heart attack. I was also lucky to have recently heard a public service announcement by the local volunteer emergency response​ guys telling people to call when in doubt.

  8. Yay, happy anniversary! Normally, I'd be against stonewalling, but in this case the result looks good. Keep on keeping on with the miniatures and gaming and all.