Viewer's Choice Celebration MiniCampaign

It has now been over 20 years since I launched "With MacDuff On the Web" and nearly 10 years since I launched my 2 blogs: Gathering of Hosts and Battle game of the Month.

To celebrate the years and the friends and the million hits I've decided to run a 3 game mini-campaign in late October. By popular vot e it will be set in the mid 18th Century.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

The Other Huzzah Game

For those interested in the lighter sides of miniature wargaming, I've just posted a report of the first test game for the two 1/72nd fantasy armies that I am bringing down to Huzzah as my contribution to Rob Dean's six player Dragon Rampant game which I am assisting in.

"A magic cauldron is no match for a good blade!" (link)

This catapult came in one of my best Christmas presents EVER, a 25mm, handpainted, hard plastic, MARX Knights and Vikings castle playset. I put a new elastic on it and it'll still shoot a missile across the room. As a bonus, this army includes some of the Orion 1/72nd copies of the Marx 25mm vikings (see below) so the catapult feels right at home.


  1. Ross- Good to see your getting ready for Huzzah with Fantasy Armies in 1/72nd. I've read a friends copy of 'Dragon Rampant' rules and decided they were not exactly suitable for the size of Fantasy Armies I'd like to have in the future - so, I've ended up writing my own Fantasy Battle rules which has pleased me and my friend. Have fun at Huzzah. Cheers. KEV.

  2. There is something about catapults and things that actually work.

  3. I love that catapult Ross!

  4. Your propaganda photograph of the catapult, intended to strike fear in the hearts of the enemy ahead of Huzzah, should work a treat :-). Real elastic - there is something rather stirring about that.