Monday, July 23, 2018

Never Mind said the Duke.

I'm trying to control myself with the growing 54mm armies and not fight all of the possible games before I get small, basic, opposing armies painted, based and organized right down to names. I also have to get a start on my 16thC Turkish forces for Huzzah 2019 so figured a game would help provide inspiration there.

Which is why we find ourselves looking at this One Hour Game scenario  loosely inspired by CS Grant's  Reinforcements on Table.

The main bodies of both armies are, technically, just off table at the start.
I rolled up the armies placing 2 stands per scenario unit then grouping them into Rough Wooing units. Due to the small size of the armies I counted each army as a single "Regiment"  or "Battle". I laid out a 4'x4' battle field, treating the extra foot on each end as "off table".

The French.
The French had an advance unit on the hill with 2 stands of pike and 2 of shot. Entering the table from the rear on turn two was a 2 stand unit of Gendarmes including the Commander and a unit with 4 pike and 2 shot.

The Imperial forces at the edge of the playing field.

The Imperials, entering the board on turn one, had a unit with 2 stands of Lancers including the Commander, a unit with 2 stands of mounted arquebusiers and a unit of Landsknechts with 2 shot and 6 pike.

Not over yet.

The Imperial infantry tried to storm the steep hill but despite 2:1 odds, 3:1 in pikes they were eventually repelled. In the meantime, the light horse rode forward to try to delay the reinforcements but the French Gendarmes went through them like a hot knife then pursued into the Lancers almost routing them.

The Imperial army has been repulsed and is on the point of breaking.

By turn 7 of 15,  it was all over.


  1. A stirring way to start the day here! Good stuff, Ross.

    Best Regards,


  2. I feel your pain on the chase threads vs. focused project challenge. Story of my life these days.

  3. 40mm has such a presence on the tabletop.