Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Muster the Militia!

10 days till I leave for Cold Wars. I know I said I wasn't going to do frumpy militia but they were already cast and I realized that I could use a battalion of light infantry so.... the Pandours have been promoted to light infantry and the Burghers of  St. Stephen have been called to arms.
 Hopefully I'll have time to cast a 2ns company or the Bavarian Company of the Foreign Regiment may have to be downgraded. I think I'll have to have a flocking party sometime soon. (Damn-me, look at that, I forgot to paint the Captain's hair, quick, pass the grey.)


  1. Your militia manages to look the part and to look good at the same time: compliments!

  2. OK, I'm some kind of maniac of information retrieval, but the post devoted to Prince Michael's Pandours is not labelled (can be done afterwards)...

  3. Thanks Jeff & Abdul, and I have gone back and added labels to a couleof past posts, I was surprized to see that there were none.