Viewer's Choice Celebration MiniCampaign

It has now been over 20 years since I launched "With MacDuff On the Web" and nearly 10 years since I launched my 2 blogs: Gathering of Hosts and Battle game of the Month.

To celebrate the years and the friends and the million hits I've decided to run a 3 game mini-campaign in late October. By popular vot e it will be set in the mid 18th Century.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Shiny Militia

OK I figured these guys deserved another picture now that the Captain's hair has turned grey and the men are all polished up and shiny.


  1. Re flags - not all battalions are 600 men - most- anytime anywhere would be smaller- Do your 18 man units- smallish- include command figures ? If not the simple addition of a command group changes your ratios anyhow.

  2. Yeah 600 was an average-ey number, just to give some sort of relative measure. I'd just been looking at some Sikh War era battles with British and Sepoy battalions in excess of 700 men. The 18 figures does include an officer and sergeant, not all units quite muster that and others are stronger but its a starting point.