EXCERPT FROM APPENDIX 1 from Don Featherstone's Battles With Model Soldiers
(The book that got me started.)

"Nothing in these pages is a dictate, no word says you must or you shall do it this way. On the contrary, the book sets out from the very beginning to stimulate the reader to think for himself, and to use what he has read merely as a foundation for efforts and ideas which reflect his own temperament and character. Only in this way will he obtain maximum satisfaction from the hobby of battling with model soldiers."

-Don Featherstone 1918 - 2013

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Plan? What plan?

I have a number of little things to get done for Huzzah, some broken figures to replace, some leftovers from the re-org that just need a few officers and a new coat colour to make up a new unit that looks different, trees to be based so they won't fall over and flocked so they won't be quite so embarrassed. So is that what I've been doing on this long weekend?

HALT! Advance one and be recognized!

Nope!  Firstly, the sun came out and chased away all but the most stubborn patches of snow that were left. The garden is full of little shoots, garlic, crocus, daffodils and so on and things are generally spring like and Kathy and I have been raking and tidying and generally rediscovering the out of doors.  Apart from that I finally painted a 2nd Oberhilse lancer, for the Square Brigadier, that makes them a functioning squadron. I also hauled out some figures passed on by a friend (see http://valkyriesintheattic.blogspot.ca/ ) . They were an unidentified ebay win but to me they have Scruby written all over them. Wasn't planning on going red coats and sun helmets, I was thinking of khaki but this guy did paint up into an attractive toy soldier. Three more have now been primed, enough to make a SB unit.....

I already have enough Oberhilse infantry and artillery in spiked helmets to do Sawmill village. Just have to find/make some tall narrow buildings to use with 40mm troops on a 3" grid. I wonder what part of Atlantica this clash will come. Adobe houses up north or stone & clapboard in the south?


  1. I have always preferred red-coated British colonials to those in Khaki.

    Besides, red coats means they fit into your "red vs blue" theme better, eh?

    Happy Easter, Ross.

    -- Jeff

    PS, who ever heard of khaki Easter Eggs anyway? Go with colour, sir.

  2. Red is a fine brave colour for a coat Sir.