Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Load of Baluchs

Now I remember the other reason I didn't cast up a unit of these for myself, the mold is damaged!  It was made using a soft rubber and in addition to a few small flaws when it was made, it has ripped in a few places and now has horrible flash. However, I now have 4 figures  cleaned up enough to serve as shiny toy soldiers and 4 more waiting. They were originally sculpted for the 1880's dress uniforms worn in Egypt so need a little touch up, tunics converted to the 1914 style pullover tunic and 50 round bandolier added.

I'm thinking about doing some dismounted Larsen's Lancers as well as a kneeling mountain gun crew using these heads on Zinnbrigade bodies with pants and tunics adjusted with putty and jackboots painted as puttees.
Homemade 40mm 1880's Baluchs from a damaged mould being updated for WWI.
I took some time yesterday to review all of the test games and rules thoughts and discussions. Sorting it all out I concluded that, despite various options which are attractive in some way, my original instinct was right and the best route forward for me is a slightly improved Square Brigadier which will allow me to build several small forces for games for various wars and campaigns from the late 19th and early 20th C. The tweaks suggested by the test games, discussions and alternate proposals have now been done and the Square Brigadier late 19th/early 20th Century version once again appears up top. 

Later this week I intend to try them out with some 1/72nd troops and then try a new scenario with the 40's once the Baluchs are ready.  


  1. Never Mind the Baluchs Here's the Sikhs Pistols?

  2. Is that a Bolliwood group? or just a pun jab?

  3. Dear Ross,
    Your sculpting ability never ceases to amaze! The small additions of a sculpted bandolier make the figure "pop" to the eye and are really nicely done. Hope you have fun with these "reinforcements."

  4. I adore your talent to model with green stuff - an ability I don´t have. You did them so great! Curious to see them soon painted an in action!