Monday, September 14, 2015

While others

have been manfully pushing thousand's of toy soldiers across vast grassy fields in the company of friends....
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I have been sitting  by myself with a handful of toys on a jumped up cardtable in a dingy backroom on a rainy day, draft rules and pen in hand .....

The good news is that all aspects are coming together with nothing wasted after a year of pleasant if occasionally frustrating exploration and experimentation. Rules, comments and plans later this week.

But if toy soldiers in grass or on small gridded boards don't do it for you, there is always this magical game from Scheck  played outside (on a table) last July. Can't believe it slipped past me at the time.
Admit it now, in our heads, don't  we all imagine that our games look like this? Even the simple bare bones ones? Wishful thinking my friends! There is hard work and genius behind such magic.
Go look at some more.


  1. Hi ROSS- Do like the look of Your Games table set out ready for 54mm. Yes, I too have been on my lonesome with writing paper and pencil - have devised a totally new 28mm Project - 'The VARIDIAN War of 1832'- it is in it's early stages - a small project - just right for the summer months. Please check out my Blog- 'The TINKERTON Project"...certainly like to know what You think about the NEW Project. Regards. KEV.

  2. "They also serve who sit in dingy backrooms..." You'll be flying over for the next game then?

    1. In the words of the poet "send them a ticket and they will come!"