Wednesday, December 30, 2015

There's Something Fishy About This Creek. Pt1

Here is the end of the first game using Battlecry to start and The Tin Army to finish. A satisfying conclusion to an OK game as the Canadians seize the Rebel leader and the objective, breaking the Rebel force.

So much for outcomes, I decided that gamewise, I could do better. I broke out an old version of the Square Brigadier, added a twist then reset the table.
Gallant charge of the Hochelaga Fusiliers.
But I'm getting ahead of myself. The scenario is #8 Deadgound from Scenarios for Wargames. Ideally the attacking player should be shown a table with a hill that slopes up to the farms without interruptions. I've only rarely managed to pull that off but in one memorable F&F ACW game Ron used his geohex to spring it on Doug who unwittingly managed to unlimber several batteries on the very edge of the unseen ravine. When the real terrain was revealed, so was my hidden unit of  Louisiana Tigers, across the stream, just out of rifle range of several Yankee batteries. Tables turned! The ambush didn't go well for the Tigers. But now I digress.

Unfortunately, time is up so this will continue tomorrow.


  1. Hurrah for the fusiliers.

    I think Ross, that may be a unique achievement. I've known plenty of wargamers play multiple scenarios with the same ruleset, but I've never encountered a fella who played multiple rulesets in the same scenario.

    1. Really? I know quite a few. Favorite scenarios have been played in multiple periods and scales as well as different rules.

      Tinkering with rules midgame is not uncommon with new sets or during but switching rules midgame less so, however, I didn't really, technically I aborted the game after about 10 minutes and reset it so really it was 2 1/6 games and 3 rules.