Monday, December 17, 2018

Doubling Down

Well, after a lengthy debate  in Parliament about the wisdom of allowing 3 figure Pioneer companies and whether or not this proposal was part of a plot to secretly rewrite the defence policy,  raise 12 man battalions for field service and force a change in the international rules that govern how war is conducted on the battle table, the matter has been settled.

McAlpine's Fusiliers
All present at last.
Henceforth, all 54mm pioneer companies are to adhere to agreed upon international infantry standards with 6 figures including an officer, NCO or musician and such companies are to be considered as standard infantry when not engaged in specialist tasks.

The York Pioneers
(You can't see the stripes on the right arm of the big sergeant on the end but they are there.) 

And so it is that my pioneer units have now been boosted to standard infantry ''company" size with 6 figures and various rule changes and complications have been averted.


  1. Glad to see standards are being preserved .

  2. Where would we be without tradition and standards? Why, it would just be a vulgar brawl!

  3. Replies
    1. I think so too, been down enough rabbit holes for a while.

  4. This side of The Pond our Parliament has been debating matters of "International Relations". None of them have been able to make any decision, let alone one as important as this. I applaud the decision and invite them to come over here and make some more.

    P.S. The York Pioneers are far too smart to dig holes!

    1. I dunno, when someone's gonna shoot at ya, digging a hole to hide in sounds pretty smart to me!

  5. We always need a shovel and a pickaxe! Two beautiful units Ross!