EXCERPT FROM APPENDIX 1 from Don Featherstone's Battles With Model Soldiers
(The book that got me started.)

"Nothing in these pages is a dictate, no word says you must or you shall do it this way. On the contrary, the book sets out from the very beginning to stimulate the reader to think for himself, and to use what he has read merely as a foundation for efforts and ideas which reflect his own temperament and character. Only in this way will he obtain maximum satisfaction from the hobby of battling with model soldiers."

-Don Featherstone 1918 - 2013

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The End of the Beginning

The game began this morning and I managed 6 turns before Social 'duties' called.
Turn 4
The game will continue!


  1. Hi Ross- everything here looks great - I hope my Sci-Fi Project will photograph as well as your 54mm Battle. Cheers. KEV.

  2. Thanks Kev. I'm sure you'll get some great photos.

  3. That's a really impressive collection and looks amazing en masse, is it just me or does the grid painted landscape make the table look much bigger than it is?

    1. I'm not really sure if the grid itself make a difference, but the combination of the multi-coloured table top with the small units does look and feel bigger than it is.

  4. I remember the pc game called Army Men Strike with this. Check it out. :)