Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines

After almost 2 1/2 years under the command of Sergeant Fury, 'A' Company of the 3rd cavalry finally  has an officer!
Capt. Jinks (listen to song) posing for the camera.
The reorganization and build up has been proceeding rapidly. I've settled on an organization on the smaller side (8 infantry, 4 cavalry, sharpshooters, artillery) as the best compromise which will get a few more figures on the table but not over crowd.

The small units won't work with the proposed 25% loss morale check so I've ended going back to the venerable "unit fights as ordered till it drops below 1/2 strength" rule used in Charge! and in Big Wars by Stuart Asquith and Jack Alexander. 

I'd almost forgotten how much I used to like playing with (and playing about with) single figures. A scene from the 2016 battle where the new US army troops made their debut:
Action at Rocky Top  

I feel a battle coming on!


  1. Shiny, as they say on Firefly!
    Hopefully he's not a jinx.

  2. The dashing Captain Jinks looks just the character to push the enemy to a half strength state. The half strength is probably just the right tipping point between unit size and attrition.

  3. Very smart looking Captain the figure a Conversion Ross? Cheers. KEV.

  4. Fine figure of an officer he looks indeed.

  5. Interesting to see if the unit performs better or worse with an officer:)

  6. A West Pointer after all this time?

    Could cause problems methinks!

  7. No, he's Cavalry...must be a Norwich man! Great looking figure though!

    1. Cuts a good figure on the dance floor at least. We'll see how he does on the battlefield.