Friday, May 10, 2019

Did you say you wanted a revolution?

I'm not quite ready for this year's Huzzah, almost but not quite. So, logically (?) I started work on next year's game by doing a test conversion of a F&IW highlander into a War of the First Coalition or French Revolutionary War highlander.

I'm not convinced the full belted plaid was worn over to the Low Countries but I have two uniform paintings of it being worn so that's good enough for me. 
A picture borrowed from..... somewhere on the net (oops should have made a note).

This game is only in the Proof of Concept stage but the idea is promising. It will be A Gentleman's Wargame affair based around Rob's collection of 40+mm homecast figures which he converted and painted for a series of Scarlet Pimpernel skirmish games 10 or 15 years ago.

A picture of one of Rob's Scarlet Pimpernal games from....some Cold Wars a decade or so ago. The  armed sans culottes guarding the wagons are examples of my fairly early sculpting.
Picture taken from Rob's blog.


  1. Sounds a plan you have there. I do like the belted plaid fellow. What rules are you intending to use?

  2. Like the Highlander - good work on those socks as well ! .

  3. Weren't uniforms basically paid for and/or designed by the Colonels - so liable to be a lot of variation on 'official' anyway. As in 'that's cheaper, go for it' and 'that looks better, go for it' by the paymaster.

  4. The Highlander looks pretty jolly spiffing to me. As for Pimpernel Games... I`m in. Always did love that blog too.