Friday, May 24, 2019

Huzzah2019 Another AGW Game ( and Booty)

Nothing like a casual game to wind down after a good but busy convention.

Since Rob already had an actual   copy of A Gentleman's Wargame and   Vicky volunteered to play,  Rob was able to GM which was a big help in learning on the go.
Ready to Roll.
There is a long series of sharp photographs detailing the action which no one took so this is it.

We both fielded  4 infantry, a gun and a cavalry unit but this time we used the distinctions. I went with a fire bonus for my battery and my unit which was actually aiming, plus something for the grenadiers.  I can't remember the enemy's distinctions with any certainty.

My plan was to stick my gun on the hill supported by my cavalry and a line of infantry then await attack while I carried out a long range bombardment. The resulting firefight was prolonged but the opposing lines were not initially parallel and my artillery was closer so I had a distinct numerical advantage at the start.

The result was that Vicky's units slowly started to collapse despite displaying the highest steadiness when checking morale. A sweeping flank charge by my cavalry settled it.

 With Rob acting as GM we picked up on a few nuances that we had got wrong on Friday and the game flowed well. The cards and dice played their role but in the end being a veteran historical gamer familiar  with both period tactics and similar rules made the difference. The more I play the rules, the more I like them.
And that's a wrap!
All that was left was lunch with friends then I bundled into the passenger seat and we were off.

However.... I did actually find something to buy this year!

Wee Wolf ( has some excellent miniatures but they are the wrong scale/period for me these days. However, they also had some other ranges with them including  a Footsore 25mmish armoured dark age warrior labelled "Guinevere" (obviously not the traditional medieval court damsel version)    so I brought her home to join the Westfolk under the Lion Queen.

I also found some inexpensive 3d printed vehicles in what looks like 1/48th, or maybe 1/56th scale including a Rolls-Royce armoured car and a staff car. As suspected they are noticeably  smaller than  my 1/43rd   Matchbox vehicles. 

It got me thinking again about resurrecting my old 30mm Marx toys for a post WW1 Colonial or Rebellion game but to me they look as big with the antique 30's as they look small with my OS 40's.

Since they'll be in a fictional setting I may be able to use the new AC as an extra light armoured car or just keep the vehicles well separated.  A decision for another day, might even be possible for it to do double duty if I proove foolish enough to buy some of the recast 30mm Marx arabs or US cavalry or..........

Well, now I'm home and infected with the plague, I have time to ponder the question of "What do I want to do now?". Straight into French Revolution? Get Prince Valiant out? Or....... Stay tuned.


  1. Nice car. There was the movie, " The Yellow Rolls-Royce".

    1. I'm used to the Yellow one. The Pink one either needs a coat of paint or a very special character figure.

  2. I like those Rolls-Royce armoured cars! Sounds like you had a great time, Ross!

  3. I didn't save the paperwork, but I think I put "gallant" for an attack melee bonus on the dragoons and the grenadiers, "brave" for extra morale on the grenadiers, and "stalwart" for a defensive melee bonus on one of the line infantry, leaving the artillery undistinguished.

    As for the elusive Pimpernel, we'll see if any casting gets done among the weekend activities.

  4. And so it grows, piece by piece...literally.

  5. Looks very nice, especially the vahicles, beautiful armored cars!

  6. Good to see you in great company Ross- enjoying the festivities- it is a long way to travel- though from what you've said -you enjoy it immensley. Cheers. KEV.

    1. Thanks Kev, it's the closest convention to home so I don't thonk of it as long in comparison but yes I do enjoy the event and the company.

  7. Thanks for all the reports from Huzzah, very enjoyable to read through.

    I don't think the relative paucity of photos, which you refer to in some cases, is a problem. Good to get a flavour. I find sometimes online AARs can have too many pictures and it can be a bit wearisome scrolling though them all.

    1. I agree, too many makes my mind wander and dark, out of focus pictures add little but I do like just enough to get a sense of the flow of the battle rather than long text. Maps are a reasonable substitute if well done (which is why they rarely appear here!