Thursday, May 23, 2019

Huuzah 2019 Charge! Saturday Game 4

This will be a very short post as there are much better pictures and background here: der resin kavalier blog

That's me on a horse, behind the gun. :)
It was Saturday night, I was dead tired, I love Charge! and I love 54mm.  This was enough to make me nostalgic for my 54mm plastic 1812 and AWI armies, just not nostalgic enough to be tempted to rebuild them. It was a real pleasure to play with these ones though.

What better way to end an excellent weekend of gaming and talking than to play in a game of 54mm Charge! run by veteran gamer Alan Coughlin?  There isn't one really.
Overview but really, check out Alan's blog for some actual pictures of these beautiful toy soldier armies and a  2 part battle report.

And that was a wrap, just another breakfast with 7 friends at the Cracker Barrel next door and then...well....and then Rob said "We have time for another AGW game after breakfast". 

We're not done yet folks!


  1. Hi Ross- pleased to hear your enjoying yourself and in good company- those 54mm AWI Armies look superb- Alan certainly has done a great job of them. The lure of 54mm. Regards. KEV.

  2. There are so many nice 54s available that it's hard to avoid the temptation. However, every now and then practical considerations do manage to dominate (e.g. where to store, is it different enough from other large scale tricorne projects already in progress).

  3. Thank you for the kind words. Charge! certainly is a low-key, fun set of rules. Historical? Well... not so much. "Veteran gamer"...I'm just old!