Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Coffee and Wifi outing with Preview (Updated)

Should really have played with Zinnfiguren by oil lamplight but the battery powered LED reading lamp  worked well.

It was a good game, report to follow if/when power is restored if I can still remember what happened.

If the outage stretches into Day 5 I'll get the 54's out.

PS I see The page view clicker ticked over the million mark while I was away! Woohoo! Thank you to all readers! More later if I can think of something worth writing. Contest maybe? Give away? We'll see.
Update. Yay! Got home to power. Chores first, new post later.


  1. No, instead of giving stuff to others, maybe your loyal (if that's the word) followers should send you all the batteries we can come up with. Or maybe fuel oil. Or firewood. Or should I come up there and pelt you with rolls of paper towels? (I look to my dear leader-president for inspiration in all things.)

    Helpfully yours,

    Chris Johnson

  2. Rolls of paper money would be welcome.......

  3. Well done on clicking over a million page views. The photos are looking very atmospheric with the lamp.

  4. Congratulations on the number of page visits, a much deserved reflection of the charm of your table and thoughts on rules that you so freely share.

  5. chuckling at some of the comments... :)

    The game looks like a hotly contested affair.

  6. Hi Ross,
    We had a Power Outage about a week ago at night - during Tea- it was only our side of a single Suburban Street and the electricity was restored in just over half an hour- thankfully. We had three Candles going and it made us think what on earth did people do back in the old days for light at night. All the best. KEV.