Monday, May 3, 2021

Next Hurdle Passed

The first game has now been planned and solo play tested.  

I had a few worrisome minutes trying to figure out how the game would work with 1/2 the number of units per side that I would usually plan for a convention but then I remembered that it will also be played on a table half the size of the planned in person gametable and with fewer players in a remote setting.

A snapshot of a moment in time, midgame. I'm afraid the rest are "Classified".

The rules are now available here: with MacDuff To the Frontier 2021.(link)

Now there is the second scenario to plan and test before I schedule the live test games. Hopefully I'll also have time to paint two dozen figures so I can replace some SYW stand ins.


One more request: I've been advised that Discord would be a better platform the Skype for this situation and hope to get a chance to see for myself but if anyone out there wants to share their experience with either or both apps please either leave a comment or email me at  


  1. Ross, a lovely concise set of rules.

    1. Thanks, they've taken some odd detours since 1997 but there are good memories in those years.

  2. Don't recommend Discord. It has a very steep "learning curve".

    1. Thanks Mike. My usual online opponent has used it and suggested a learning session but I'm afraid it won't be in time to change the listing. We normally use Hangouts but they don't seem popular and it looks like the multi person version has a time limit so skype it is. Been a decade since I used it though.