Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Eleven Years Ago This Week, and Today

In June of 2012, my friend Les and I played a remote game using Skype, a game oddly enough played using the armies that I've just moved back into my Active Duty list, with essentially an older version of the rules I resurrected this winter for use at Huzzah!, and the same unit organization as I adopted for my French Revolution games.


The Belmont Greys: The drummer (behind the colours) is a Zinnbrigade homecast, the 4 firing figures are Scruby War of 1812 Americans with my heads, and the rest are homecast from my own masters. 

There were three main reasons for my detour. The first and most pressing was a lack of space once we had moved in full time, including an elderly mother in law, but my prolonged fatigue after a heart attack was also a factor. The last reason was that at last, I had time to indulge my urge to experiment, to try all sorts of ideas and options to see what worked for me rather than what I thought I liked or what I was playing with friends. Sometimes decisions  based on best guesses have to be made but I've really enjoyed having the time to explore and test.

A shot of the "Bridge Over the River Skype" game in June 2012 
(Links to 1st post of battle report and the conclusion .)

Meanwhile, in the present, the reorganization and refurbishing has begun with enough units ready to allow me to clear the table........

Rally Round Your Colours Lads!

......., choose and setup a scenario, and then to play a game tomorrow.



  1. Now that is a picture that can be stared into for a good while 🙂

  2. Nice unit - the 'Belmont Greys'...are they 40mm figures Ross?

    1. Yes, OS 40mm. A head shorter and 1/2 the bulk of modern 40's.

  3. This is another of your collections that I love to see on the table… Hurrah!

    All the best. Aly