Friday, May 14, 2010

Nku Khu War Unit Stats

Billy Russell observes an Nku Khu marriage ceremony officiated by Prince Kwannabe on the Royal Rock of Nmuphin when a messenger arrives with news of the approach of the British column.  
(54mm figures by A Call To Arms, W Britain, Trophy of Wales and unknown possibly Imperial?)


Nku Khu Warriors: Musket & Spear  Melee: 6  Shoot: 1  Save 4+  Hits 3  Warband, Brave
Nku Khu Skirmishers: Musket,           Melee:5  Shoot: 2   Save 4+  Hits 2  Skirmishers
Rebels: Rifled Musket, Melee: 4  Shoot 2 Save 4+   Hits 2  Stubborn, Skirmishers, Sharp shooters


Highlanders: Rifled Musket  Melee 6  Shoot: 3  Save 4+ Hits 3  Steady, Stubborn, 1st Fire, Tough Fighters
Victoria Rifles: Rifled Musket Melee 6, Shoot 3, save 4+ Hits 3, Sharpshooters
New Durban Police: Rifled Musket Melee 6, Shoot 3, Save 4+, hits 3.
Volunteers: Rifled Muskets Melee 5, Shoot 3, Save 4, Hits 3 Unreliable, sharpshooters, Irregular skirmishers
17th Lancers: Lance, rifled carbine, Melee 8, Shoot 1, Save 4+  Hits 3 , Steady, Stubborn, Lancer
11th Hussars: Sabre, rifled carbine, Melee 8, Shoot 1, Save 4+ Hits 3, Steady, Stubborn
Rocket battery: Melee 1, Shooting:  2  Save 4+, Hits 1, pack animals, rocket min range 6" max 60"
* All British units may skirmish.

Special Rules:
Brave: Shaken units rally on 4+ if >12" from enemy,
Lancers: -2 to enemy save in melee.
Sharpshooters: may re-roll 1 miss each turn
Steady: Pass 1st Break Test of game
Stubborn: Re-rolled 1 failed save each time hit
Tough Fighters: Re-roll 1 missed melee die each turn
Unreliable: No move if orders roll = commanders CV.

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  1. I'd been wondering myself how BP might work with smaller numbers of larger figures, can't see why not, so I'll be interested to hear how it goes.