Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Interlude - a look at the work bench


A while ago I showed the dolly for a new unit of home made 25mm ECW Scots. The original 2 figures based on the dolly somehow grew into 30mm figures so with a game scheduled for Saturday, I tried again.
1974 vintage Minifig, my new guy, the 1st attempt, a Stadden 30mm

So one general purpose open handed figure in OS style. The hands and face in particular need work and the sword isn't coming out of the mold yet but I'm pretty happy with them. 

Three variations on the basic figure once cast up. Others have become artillerymen.


The Zinnbrigade artillery molds are amongst the most useful molds I ever bought.

L to R  Governor General's Bodyguard dismounted, US Artillerymen, Bengal Horse Artillery, 1812 Michigan Volunteer Artillery, Original 1900 Prussian artilleryman figure painted as Schleswig-Holstein.

 US Mountain Howitzer and 40mm crew. 

Yes I know, it should be broken down and loaded on to 3 mules not 1 horse but this is a working toy not a model. The gun itself was cut down from a Prince August 12 pounder with carriage from a Historifigs ACW gun and wheels from a  PA limber. Crew and pack horse converted from Zinnbrigade 1900 Prussians and my own 1840's officer.


  1. Ross,

    You've got an ECW game scheduled for Saturday; and I've got one on for Sunday.

    Unfortunately I don't have any ECW figures, so we will actually be using late Renaissance figures and placing the fight in a fictional Europe.

    I'm looking at a quasi-Cropredy Bridge scenario . . . modified to fit the troops I have.

    We will be using Clarence Harrison's "Victory Without Quarter" rules . . . what rules will you be using? One of your own? or what?

    -- Jeff

  2. Hi Jeff, yes we will also be using VWQ. We have looked at a couple of sets and have talked about trying several sets but so far we have tried these a couple of times and enjoyed them.

    I did enjoy looking back at a couple of the games you had played. The Rennaisance troops looked just fine, made me think of the Dutch Wars.

    I'm not sure what the scenario is, I'm just showing up to play. There was talk of trying out the campaign system from Perfect Captain but we may just plonk down whatever troops we have ready. For most of the guys, this will be the first action for their new 25mm ECW units.


  3. Ross,

    How many are going to play? We will have four players . . . so I've modified the rules slightly in that each "unit card" drawn will actually activate two units (one for each player on a side). The "commander cards" will not be "doubled-up".

    I figured that this would keep everyone involved on every unit card (and speed things up a bit) . . . but when a command card is drawn, the players not moving get to see what is happening on the "rest" of the table.

    I've set it up so that sometimes a "two-unit card" will prompt two foote units, sometimes two cav units, but most often one of each.

    I will try to remember to take photos . . . but sometimes I get too caught up in the game to remember to do so.

    The account will be posted in my Stagonia blog since the fight (a quasi-Cropredy Bridge) will still be using my late Renaissance figures with Stagonia (Parliament) facing Pete's Duchy of the North.

    -- Jeff


  4. Hi Jeff, That sounds like a good idea,

    I'm not sure how many guys are showing up, the latest count is probably 6 but could be as few as 3 or as many as 8! Luckily I'm not running it, just showing up with my contingent to play. I suspect the plan is to try to keep flipping cards to try to get 2 or 3 players going at once. Its an intro to the rules for several of the players and there aren't all that many units painted up yet anyway. I'm guessing most players will have 1 brigade.

    Hopefully each card won't normally take long to resolve.