Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ambushed Again!

Lord Walts dismounts at the sudden sound of gunfire as a messenger from the Director Generals'Bodyguard rushes up. 
 Boy, working sure cuts in to one's hobby time. Even unpaid work on one's own house and property!  Its not that I'm crazy about cold, ice and snow but I'm looking forward to winter. Once all my winterizing is done, hopefully by the end of November, I intend to have an orgy of gaming! In the meantime, what time I have had, has mostly gone  into some casting and painting.

We have already seen the first 8 Princess Charlotte Heavy Horse appear. Well, I had actually pledged myself to cast, assemble and paint up 12 cavalry, so I cast 4 more and put them together. I was on the verge of declaring a general upgrade to 24 man infantry units and 12 man light infantry or cavalry, but I decided to look at my existing units. 3 of my existing units were raised to a 24 man standard, the rest were down to either Charge! or Morschauser standards or 9-10 cavalry or 18-20 Infantry (discounting drummers).  Between upgrading existing  units and finishing incomplete ones, I was looking at doing nearly 100 men and horses before I could touch any new units. Given the marginal difference, I decided to settle on the Morschauser  10 or 20, if that proves unsatisfactory, I can always expand at some point in future but soon I should be able to start on the natives armies from the North.

 So what about the 11th & 12th cavalry castings? After some brief experiments with a spare bearskin head and some putty, I decided that the Royal Horse Guards wore a brass helmet with bearskin crest. Two of them can be seen on the far side of the coach in the picture above.

In addition to having added 1 and 1/5 cavalry regiments, I have switched the coats on the FTC Bodyguard and added a mounted corporal to bring them up to strength, added an infantry Brigadier, 4 artillery crew with 4 more 1/2 done, and have added colours to 2 of the infantry regiments. These poor lads have been waiting 5 years for a flag, the question is which flag or flags? Two British colours? or 1 Faraway colour? Since I have gotten settled back into fictional mode and enjoying it more and more, I decided on new colours. These will seen more clearly on the next day or so as I finally get a game in, one  of the original table Top Teasers.



  1. I look forward to seeing the Faraway flags...

  2. What a delightful photo, I particularly like the dismounted cavalry.

    Units of 10 or 20 sound very plausible, as well as well-rooted in the ancestral rules.

  3. Using history as a guide, unit flags sometimes used unit facing colors . . . and sometimes something completely different . . . .

    So, Ross, you can do anything you want with those flags . . . and I look forward to what you come up with.

    -- Jeff

  4. Between upgrading existing units and finishing incomplete ones...

    A rather fine distinction, I'd say :P

  5. Trad, Jeff, I hope I haven't raised expectations too high. I don't enjoy painting flags or doing computer graphics so have opted for a simple system, regimental facing colour for the field with a central circle of red surrounded by a wreath and rearing the initial of the regiment in gold.

    Oberhilse is both simpler and more complicated :)

  6. Dave W. Me too, the dismounted cavalry don\t see enough action on the table. Hard to get those troopers off their horses. Maybe I should issue breachlaoders....

  7. AG. Indeed. Its a difference of something like 30 figures to complete units already started to the common size or 100 figures to finish them plus bring all units up to a new size.

  8. Sounds like a two stage campaign is in order then, aye. Me think it 'mazing, love what you do.

  9. Nice work on the dismounted chaps. I've been dragging my French men off their horses, but they do dislike it.