Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hides of Steel (1st per-draft outline) *artillery draft added

Having been laid low with a cold/flu and the tail end of a passing ex-Hurricane, I have, perhaps unwisely, allowed my fever ridden brain to sketch some basic rules.

Each vehicle, gun/hvy weapon and crew, or group of infantry on a base is an entity for combat and movement but are grouped under an HQ stand into units in an not yet completely decided way.  I am thinking in terms of 1/72nd armies but scale doesn't really matter.  

1. Turn Sequence. Roll for initiative, Winner chooses to move first or second that turn,
2. 1st player acts with 1 unit at a time. Actions are: Move, Shoot/Observe, Assault, Rally, Overwatch. 2nd player may react by shooting if assaulted or if on overwatch. Then resolve assaults.
3, Reverse roles and repeat 2.
4. End of turn. Do any any end of turn things, roll for arrivals, weather, etc

Command. Units may not voluntarily move beyond the command radius of their HQ (varies by troop quality and equipment, tentatively 6" for conscripts or troops without wireless, 12" for regular troops with wireless, 18" for paratroops, commandos etc. If not in command must pass a test by stand to get any order. 1  4-6 if conscript, 2 3-6 if regular, 3 2-6 elite etc.o/w no action that turn.

Movement: 12" Infantry & Heavy/Slow AFV, trucks, 18"  for average AFV etc, 24" for fast. x 1/2 tracked in broken ground or infantry in difficult ground. x 2 on road if wheeled, x 1.5 if tracked. May move in any direction but not within 6" of visible enemy.

Shooting. No move and shoot (or if you prefer long /medium range shooting while moving is ineffective)  Ranges not decided probably 12" rifle range, Maximum 48"  direct fire or on table to give room for maneuver. Assumption is that only major terrain features will be shown on table.
 Roll 1,2 or 3 dice per stand depending on weaponry and quality. +1 die at close range, -1 die if pinned. All fire is resolved stand by stand, not aggregated, Target priorities will apply.  Tent: Long range 4,5,6 to hit -1 if adverse conditions/factors such as cover etc.,  +1 vs conscript, -1 vs elite. 1 hit pins, 2 hits destroy.     AFV get saving throw comparing defense value of armour to 2d6+ attack value of AT weapon at that range. Will tentatively use values from either Grant or Featherstone modified to taste.

Indirect Fire. Artillery firing indirect requires an Observer attached to their unit. If he passes an orders test he may direct fire against a target that he can see. The fire will cover a beaten zone of 4" or 6" diameter. Each element inside the beaten zone will be attacked. Harassing fire can be directed at a geographic area. In this case no dice are rolled during the fire phase but any unit of either side which moves through the beaten zone will take 1 die of fire as it does so.

Assault. Target must be within frontal arc (45 degrees either side) and in sight. All stands in unit which are taking part move straight into contact. Defending stands may each shoot at 1 attacker if facing etc. If attacker survives any  and in contact then attacker shoots including any unit bonuses (extra dice for smg etc). Attacking stands may combine dice against 1 enemy stand. If any units still in contact, the defender may choose to retreat any stands or shoot again. The Attacker then rolls again. Continue rounds until no stands are in contact.

Rally. Remove pin markers and nothing else.

Overwatch. Stands in a unit on overwatch may move up to 1/2 move. During the enemy turn they may fire at enemy stands which move. During an enemy turn they may fire once at each enemy unit in sight  (not each stand) that moves.  Overwatch order lasts until the unit is activated again so if the other side  moves twice, they don;t get a free move but must face fire. A pinned unit stops at the point where it took the hit.

Morale. Will be at Battle group/Battalion level and depend on Mission/scenario. For example, an attack may have to be called off if unacceptable losses suffered.

Pinned. A pinned stand may retreat 1/2 move and may shoot with 1 die penalty.


  1. Ross Mac,

    A very interesting blog entry ... especially as I am thinking of developing a version of my PW2 rules for the same era.

    I look forward to reading more as the rules develop.

    All the best,


    PS. I hope you feel much better soon.

  2. Thanks Bob, I'll keep my eyes peeled for ideas when PW 20thC emerges.

  3. While I am completely uninterested in "modern warfare" rules, I do have a comment, Ross.

    I hope that you manage to outflank and rout that nasty bug that is assaulting you . . . and do remember to call up that reserve battalion of Vitamin C . . . it can help polish off the enemy (or at least aid in your resistance).

    -- Jeff