EXCERPT FROM APPENDIX 1 from Don Featherstone's Battles With Model Soldiers
(The book that got me started.)

"Nothing in these pages is a dictate, no word says you must or you shall do it this way. On the contrary, the book sets out from the very beginning to stimulate the reader to think for himself, and to use what he has read merely as a foundation for efforts and ideas which reflect his own temperament and character. Only in this way will he obtain maximum satisfaction from the hobby of battling with model soldiers."

-Don Featherstone 1918 - 2013

Monday, April 28, 2014

By Request

I was going to do some more casting over the weekend and take shots of the figures in the mold etc but between  weather and nongaming interference, I did neither.

Here is a quick snap of an unassembled drummer and nco  after the neck hole plugs have been removed and the sprue  snipped off.

Hopefully  tomorrow I will manage 1 last game before tearing my game room apart in yet another attempt to get a workable solution. This time evicting tools etc but including a relocated office area in the hope that next year's tax time is less stressful, amongst  other things.


  1. Ross,

    I am also currently taking a break from working on our Canadian taxes . . . and, yes, I have had to clear a space on my game table to do so . . . *sigh*.

    -- Jeff

  2. I am deeply impressed to note that your castings look just like the drawings in the instruction sheet. My brief flirtation with home casting was notable for failing to achieve this. Mind you, I made my own moulds, used a cheap alloy, didn't know what I was doing and made teensy-weensy 20mm men which cooled and solidified at all the wrong moments. There is something very appealing about the idea of being to turn out your own figures, in any numbers you like - I'm too much of a coward to attempt it now, but I like the idea.