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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hot Off The Press

The plan for today was to start organizing a full sized Oberhilse and Faraway MacDuff game but then the mail came, with a little box from Ireland.
One of the new PA Prussian figures painted up in a vaguely Hanoverian Toy Soldierish style.

The last time I started fussing about with figures for the NQSYW I found myself thinking again that just accepting the figures as early 18th C would make life easier. However, Lawford & Young's Charge! rules are explicitly stated to be aimed at the late 18thC despite the use of do many mid 18th Century figures ( which explains the attention paid to column attacks and skirmishers) .  This dove tails nicely with my preference for black gaiters, white or buff small clothes and tighter coats. It just doesn't mesh well with Prince August's previous offerings. Anyway I had decided to just finish off the last incomplete "regiment", and another squadron or 2 of cavalry and then let my semiflat armies rest on their laurels, coming out to fight a battle now and then. 

Then they announced their new multi head Seven Years War range and I thought I should support this, maybe I could paint up some Hessians.

L to R one of my pre Rosmark French figures, the new figure, one of the PA Rosbach range Prussians looking just a bit big & clunky.

I'll write more another time but lets just say the new molds are well done in a technical sense. It was easy to cast clean, complete figures straight away and the heads fit easily. The sample also painted up easily. I rather like this pose better than the old one. If you don't look at the feet, he might almost be recovering arms in preparation for firing a volley.

I need to do some background inventing before I go much farther, these guys look too prim for rebel regiments, the forth coming Russians should be better for that,  but I have some thoughts. Hessian types and mustacheless 1760 ish Brits in their " I wanna look more like a Prussian" phase are also possible role models as I work on the cover story for a Tabletop Enemy for Rosmark and a new player in the NQSYW, replacing the tired, travel scarred veterans of past fights.


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  2. I am looking forward to their march-attack mold. It might just get me started using Prince august molds again.

  3. The new 'Prussian' figure looks nice , haven't got around to ordering the new moulds yet - so much to catch up on ! Tony

  4. Good to see that they're continuing to put stuff out there. Always like to see a local boy do well.

  5. They look as though they might rank up rather well.

    Nice brush-work, too.


    1. I'll hijack Ross's blog, they rank up like shown on following link:

  6. Do you have a picture with the raw castings? My only concern was with the possible difficulties in the separate heads. Other than that, I had a shopping cart loaded with them yesterday. I'll probably pull the trigger soon...

    1. See latest post, not a great shot but.....
      The heads use the old insert dodge and have long stems. Mine went in easily and it should be easy to use the heads on old figures by decapitating and drilling a socket.