Friday, November 16, 2018

Done for now

OK 1 General and 18 mounted 1/72nd cavalry mounted and based  and 4 dismounted cavalry painted and a bunch of older figures sorted and ......and..well, I've had enough fiddling with 1/72nd stuff for a bit.

The Umpteenth X State Cavalry

SoandSo's Legion
If I'm stern with myself I should be able to at least paint some of the remaining pre-cut-but-thinner-than-I-would-like bases green and glue the rest of the chosen selection of old figures onto to bases before they all get jumbled up again.  I'll flock them next time I get in the  mood then I need to name all the regiments.
It took some doing but I managed to avoid having any troopers shooting the next guy in the head.
 Six weeks until the Winter Campaigning Season opens. In the meantime, back to painting some nice, big, simple, glossy toy soldiers with an occasional quick game.


  1. Well done Ross, great looking cavalry!

  2. Those are really nice Ross? What figures are they?

    1. These are Italeri apart from one lone metal casting who is I, think, HH.

  3. Nice work ! , Ah the curse of the shooting to the left mounted figure so beloved off figure designers .

  4. Yep: the 'head shot' guys generally find themselves on the end of the line in my armies. Bally annoying pose. Great looking cavalry, Ross!